TomTom app for iPhone getting major update, new features

Apple Online Store“When we took our first look at the TomTom app for iPhone, it seemed like a perfectly competent helper for getting from points A-to-B,” Antuan Goodwin reports for CNET. “But, we couldn’t help but notice that a few of our favorite GPS navigation features were notably absent–particularly TTS [text-to-speech] instructions and graphic lane guidance.”

“Well, there’s good news for users of the TomTom app in the form of a free update that adds these missing features, and a few more,” Goodwin reports.

“Also included in this update are a free map update and the inclusion of a safety camera database update,” Goodwin reports.

More info in the full article here.


  1. text-to-speech – Finally!

    Just ordered the TomTom Car Kit.

    Ya I know – I could’ve bought a dedicated GPS unit for less than the app and car kit, but that would go against my goal of giving as much money as I can to Apple.

  2. Just ordered my Car Kit too.. I was very interested in the other features included, hands free calling, music/video connection (works in my vehicle with a cheap cable), and charger. A GOOD GPS device will cost you much more than $200 and I think this will be a good GPS device (with the built in GPS boost included). We’ll see!

  3. @~Johan

    expansive (ikˈspansiv)
    1 covering a wide area in terms of space or scope; extensive or wide-ranging : deep, expansive canyons.

    I would hope that all GPS systems are expansive. Wouldn’t be very useful if they weren’t.

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