It’s easier to get into Harvard than to land a job at Apple Store Upper West Side in Manhattan

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!“At a press event today, Apple said that 10,000 people submitted applications to work at the new store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side,” Dan Frommer reports for Silicon Alley Insider.

“Of those, just over 200 got jobs, for a 2% acceptance rate,” Frommer reports. “Meanwhile, Harvard’s acceptance rate was 7% this past year… 29,000 applications for about 2,000 admissions.”

Frommer reports, “This may put new meaning into the term ‘Genius Bar.'”

Full article here.


  1. This is what recession can do to the job market… Hopefully, out of those 10,000 candidates, the 200 that were hired really had the Mac, as well as people skills needed to properly represent Apple’s corporate philosophy.

  2. aside from SATs, you also need to pay $75 admissions fee just to apply to Harvard.

    anybody and everybody, especially in today’s economy probably tossed in an application for a choice retail job like the Apple Store, it cost nothing to try so why not? so the 10k number and ratio of actual hires is kind of meaningless in comparison

  3. @Jubei
    “I wonder how many applied at the Microjunk Store? 1 Million?”

    Well, Microsoft has a 90% market share, so if 10,000 applied at Apple, that means that 90,000 applied at the Microsoft store, right?

    Of course, Microsoft hired ALL of their 90,000 applicants and promptly began firing them due to the economic downturn’s negative impact on their bottom line… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />. These fired employees were given a severance package consisting of broken chair parts.

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