Research In Motion ripe for takeover?

Run Windows on Mac OS X with no reboot!“At the moment, stock market chatter around Research In Motion puts the company in one of its vulnerable periods – to the extent a national champion with a $38.5-billion market cap can be considered vulnerable to a takeover,” Andrew Willis reports for The Globe and Mail.

MacDailyNews Take: $38.5 billion? How quaint.

Willis continues, “Specifically, there’s talk on trading desks that with RIM shares changing hands at a relatively modest 15 times its forecast earnings, and half the levels seen in 2008, big dogs such as Microsoft are sniffing around… There’s also nothing right now to suggest talks are actually taking place between RIM and a potential suitor. Steve Ballmer hasn’t been seen skulking about Waterloo, and even if he was, it wouldn’t mean much, as the Microsoft CEO is a frequent visitor to Canada’s top tech university, just down the road from RIM’s head office.”

Willis reports, “However, there is a great deal of noise.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Do it, Mr. Ballmer. Hasten RIM’s inevitable decline. We know you can do it!


  1. If such a thing is ever to happen (and it’s really very unlikely), then it would be only logical to plaster WinMob on all future Blackberries, replacing whatever RIM OS the devices currently have.

    If for some miraculous reason someone with half a brain existed in Redmond and was on such a day in charge of things, there’s a chance that the current RIM OS could be kept, absorbing its development team into WinMob team and transforming the two into some new ugly monster.

    Whichever the road, MS would undoubtedly dilute the present value of RIM and Blackberry, both as brands, as well as a platform.

    This would be really fun to watch!

  2. Oh! the thought of it!!! What a silly man Mr. Ballsillie has been pretending not to have heard of the iPhone when it was first debuted, He thought then that RIM could operate forever with business customers who were willing to pay his bloated prices for the benefit of push email. Now RIM is desperately trying to target its non customary market with offerings that are too little, too late and too poorly engineered as a rip off of the iPhone.

  3. Maybe the Yankees can buy them. And then they can spend 10X as much on marketing as their competitors do and produce a great product once every ten years.

    Just like Microsoft.

  4. MS and RIM? Completely nuts… the result would be sheer chaos.

    Something I didn’t predict before was how much the proliferation of new smartphone systems has benefited Apple. Android and to a lesser extent the Pre are busily attacking the BlackBerry and especially Windows Mobile from the other side. Now MS is so desperate that it’s actually conceivable they would make so enormous of a mistake as to purchase RIM.

    Jobs has shown enough strategic chops that it might even be possible that this was all planned. As in, “hey Google, why don’t we split up, compete and attack the enemy from multiple directions?” It’s certainly worked out that way.

  5. Well, Microsoft has already purchased Danger, fired or alienated many of its best employees, and destroyed its once-popular Sidekick product. What do they have to show for their purchase now, aside from a huge SLA payments to T-Mobile after nuking the Sidekick servers and creating an unmitigated disaster? Whatever may or may not come out of their “Pink” project doesn’t seem to have been worth all of that.

    I can’t see Microsoft being willing to throw around even more money in an area where they’ve been absorbing a serious level of hurt. Just for once, I’d love it if Microsoft could accept the fact that they can’t be the kings of everything, and simply bow out of the smartphone OS arena. Could they just for once play nicely with others? …yeah, right, not as long as Ballmer’s still there. And as long as the monopoly money keeps flowing in from their cash cows, I suppose they’ll continue spending it wastefully…

    With the current level of corporate dysfunction going on within Microsoft, any takeover of RIM (or Palm, or whoever they eventually decide to assimilate into the collective) would almost certainly result in the same level of carnage we’ve seen from their mishandling of Danger.

  6. Willis reports, “However, there is a great deal of noise.”

    There’s the easy answer about RIM:
       “It is a tale
        Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
        Signifying nothing.”

  7. My, sounds like someone who has the author’s ear is trying to get a rise out of RIMs stock before they unload.

    Does anyone remember the incessant stories about how Apple was ripe for a takeover because they were going down for the last time, again?

  8. It doesn’t make any sense for Microsoft to acquire RIM. Microsoft and their valued partners have a great thing going with Windows Mobile. The hype surrounding Windows Mobile 6.5 has the wind at their sails whereas a usable version of Android is years away and MAC’s beleaguered I-Phone is simply a niche product. Windows Mobile is all the IT guys at work talk about when it comes to smartphones.

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