Unboxing Apple’s sleek new aluminum Apple Remote (with photos)

MacDailyNews reader Eric L. received his brand new Apple Remote (US$19) via FedEx as part of a 27″ iMac order and sent along some unboxing photos and first impressions:

Still waiting on the loaded i7 Quad Core!

The remote is as solid as a Unibody MacBook. It doesn’t want to bend at all.

The minimalist plastic case is curved to fit the remote. Perfect alignment.

The menu & play buttons are scalloped, as is the center button.

The aluminum appears to have exactly the same texture as the Unibody Macbook.

So well executed.

I actually hit the Menu button with the MacBook nearby on the table (while closed), and I heard it waking up. I said, “No way”. But it worked.

So as to signal-angles etc, I can say that not even pointing at the laptop, it works great. (Unlike our stupid DirecTV remote).

The new Apple Remote (US$19) lets you control your Mac, iPod, or iPhone from afar: Play, pause, adjust volume, move forward and back, and access menus while playing music and video.

More info about the new Apple Remote here.

Thanks, Eric L.!


  1. “Comment from: Newman
    No career carrier is going to risk their $30 per hr job, full federal benefits and full retirement package to steal a $19 remote. You must be confusing them with that pig you call “mom”

    Really? Because they do stuff like that all the time.

    A trained monkey could do that job.

  2. Why is there a separate Play/Pause/Select button below the “wheel”? Does pressing the center of the wheel perform a different function now, such as only the Select function? Or is there no button at all there now (in the center of the wheel)?

  3. @ Newman – “No career carrier is going to risk their $30 per hr job, full federal benefits ……”

    I previously worked on some US post offices. They had LOG’s – look out galleries – incorporated into their designs. These were enclosed catwalks with two way mirrors over the mail sorting area. They had separate exterior entries so Postal Inspectors could come and go unannounced. Think they would go to all that expense if employee theft wasn’t a problem.

  4. These have to be the some the stupidest comments and questions I have ever read.

    Thanks though OP for the great photos! My old Mac Mini remote got lost awhile ago and this just reminded me to get a new pretty one! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Not that I’m in for a new remote or so, but I had to look because of the title: ‘unboxing’ of a ‘remote’?
    I’ve always found the ‘unboxing’ series a bit weird, but of a ‘remote’??

    However, what struck me is the texture similarity between the remote and the laptop: this is really the Apple signature: attention to detail, a lot of attention to detail and then some more.
    They could have gone with nearly any kind of enclosure, and the functionality and ease of use would have been exactly the same – but no: it had to look and feel exactly, _exactly_, as the unibody laptop look and feel.
    This shows that you’re not buying some piece of junk.

    My only problem: all of my older Apple stuff just keeps on working, so I cannot justify upgrading…

  6. @Mr. Reeee

    “What a ridiculous amount of shipping material!”

    Really? I see mostly air inside the box and a minimal amount of plastic shrinkwrap. The rest is the retail packaging, which is about as minimalist as they come.

    If you’re talking about the cardboard, well first off, that’s recyclable, and second, as others have posted, they don’t want to make the package too easy to steal. Any other company would have a box just as big, but it would be full of styrofoam and there would be 3 layers of plastic to get through, numerous twist ties, the battery would be wrapped seperately and the manual would be 10x larger along with a quick start guide sheet, a 10 page warranty booklet and thin plastic decals covering the product’s shiny parts that you’d have to pick at with your fingernail to remove. You know the ones that some people either don’t notice are on their product or purposely leave on to protect the product from scratches.

  7. What people are paying for the new iMacs and MiniMacs this remote should be included in the package. It’s ridiculous that we should have to pay additional money for a remote.

    Does anybody know if it will work on other additional Macs you may have in the house?

  8. The box is too big for such a small piece. Where is the “greener” package?
    Still Infrared? Is that the same as the old plastic remote just with aluminum or it is a whole new tech with new functions?

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