The Microsoft Tax: Worms infest Windows PCs worldwide; Mac users unaffected

“A Microsoft security report released on Monday warns that cyber crooks are digging into computers for weak spots to penetrate with worms – malicious software that steals control or data,” Glenn Chapman reports for AFP.

“Rogue security software remained the top hacker threat to computers during the first half of this year, but the number of infections was dropping while penetrations by worms doubled, according to the Security Intelligence Report,” Chapman reports. “‘We still see rogue security software in high volume but not on the rise,’ Microsoft Malware Protection Centre principal architect Jeff Williams told AFP. ‘What is on the rise is resurgence of worm activity, particularly Conficker and Taterf.'”

“Worms are programmed to replicate themselves, wriggling from machine to machine by hiding in legitimate applications or piggy-backing on USB drives or other portable data storage devices.,” Chapman reports. “Conficker and Taterf worms have reportedly wriggled into millions of machines.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good thing you “saved” $69 on that shitastic Dell laptop versus that Apple MacBook you really wanted, Skippy.


  1. While Ballmer is blowing hot air about the BS Apple Tax, the real Microsoft TAX is right there, front and center for all the planet to see. With just two listed, here is the combined cost.

    “I Love You” 5.5 BILLION
    “Conficker” 9 + BILLION

    Yeah thats the MS TAX For REAL!!

  2. Yeah, but the sheeple think thats just a way of life still. When i tell people that a mac doesnt get viruses, they just look at me blankly and bleat.

    Too bad I cant cant control sheep like George Clooney.

  3. I tell my die hard PC using brother about this and he just repeats that he’s never had a virus or a worm, doesn’t use security software of any kind, but depends on his router to protect him.

    What a maroon.

  4. “Too bad I cant cant control sheep like George Clooney.”

    Are the sheep like George, or does George control the sheep?

    Hard to tell in that sentence. Just sayin’.

  5. I switched my motorcycle mechanic two years ago because his peecee had ground to halt with with worms, viruses etc. He now takes it for granted that his mac mini just works. Another soul saved from the dark side!

  6. Jubel writes, “With just two listed, here is the combined cost.
    “I Love You” 5.5 BILLION
    “Conficker” 9 + BILLION

    Some years ago I was working with a large branch of the US Treasury (yes, that one) when we were hit by the SASSER worm. Tens of thousands of desktops, laptops and servers were out of commission for days while we worked to decontaminate them. Most could do little work in the interim. Such situations should be considered a cost of running Windows.

  7. @Raymond in DC

    It’s just insane isn’t it? When you ask for a Mac, IT/CIO will say, sorry its not part of our Windows environment and we can’t support a product that we can’t secure properly.

    Hellooooo idiots. So you buy Windows PC that gets infected as soon as it pulls down its pants and you lose hundreds, millions of dollars fixing it. Then turn around and say “Macs can’t be added since its not part of our Windows environment that we need to keep secure”. I can understand job security, but this is plain lunacy.

  8. I’m not sure if my comment was deleted or if I forgot to post it. I know Macs are impervious to viruses and worms, but saying: “Mac users unaffected” about something that’s designed specifically to target Windows is like saying: “Windows Explorer glitch crashes Windows 7; Macs unaffected”

    Well. I guess it’s Mac related news this way at least.

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