Dvorak: Microsoft might now be in actual decline

“Everyone knew the day would come when the fortunes of Microsoft Corp. would reverse. The company might now be in actual decline,” John C. Dvorak writes for MarketWatch. “If it’s true, it brought it on itself by ignoring its core competencies, because it exhibits signs of what can only be described as Corporate Attention Deficit Disorder — CADD.”

“Try to remember all the crazy directions Microsoft has gone in over the past few years. Note the dizzy remarks by Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, who recently insisted that online advertising would soon account for the majority of Microsoft’s income. This is a software company making these comments… [Microsoft] has been distracted too easily by the success of others in essentially unrelated fields,” Dvorak writes.

After giving many examples of ridiculous me-too Microsoft money losers, including Teddy Ruxpin knockoffs, Microsoft-TV, Bing, and Zune, Dvorak writes, “What’s shocking is that the cash cows, specifically the Windows operating system and the Office suite, have managed to finance all these idiotic efforts for so many years. While Microsoft’s profits and sales were way down this last quarter, it is only a matter of time before losses begin… Now comes the latest fiasco: Microsoft wants to open retail stores, all of them next to or near an Apple store.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Even a blind squirrel like Johnny Gasbag can see a fish rotting from the head down. Microsoft is a serial copier run by a manic clown. If Microsoft shareholders ever woke up, they’d see what the rest of us see: a derivative schlock factory headed by an unfocused imbecile that, after years of unearned profiteering, has laughably deluded itself into believing it’s an innovator. The fire’s burning now and Ballmer, as always, is fiddling away.

That said, our traditional toast: May Steve Ballmer remain Microsoft’s CEO for as long as it takes!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Basil Ganglia” for the heads up.]

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