Dual-core iPhone processor likely in 2010

Financing Options“ARM has teased the future of the iPhone and other smartphones with added early details for its first dual-core mobile processor design,” Electronista reports.

“The Cortex A9 will shrink the manufacturing process from the 65 nanometers used on the single-core Cortex A8 used in the iPhone 3G S to 45 nanometers, letting it add the extra core without significantly affecting the power draw,” Electronista reports. “Although it consumes more energy at peak, the smaller process and multiprocessing should ultimately lead to longer battery life.”

Electronista reports, “ARM anticipates the technology being in shipping products by approximately this time next year… Apple is actively recruiting for future Cortex programming and is therefore likely to support A9 technology, but its acquisition of PA Semi for the purposes of designing custom ARM chips suggests that future iPhones, possibly as early as next year, will have Apple-developed processors and won’t be tied to roadmaps from others.”

More info and links in the full article here.

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