Google releases Chrome for Mac developer version

“Google’s Chrome Web browser is being released this weekend for Mac and Linux, but the company admittedly doesn’t want most people to use it,” Thomas Claburn reports for InformationWeek. “That’s because Google plans to release developer versions of its browser software.”

“Google plans to post a notification about the developer release on the Chromium blog Thursday evening and to encourage users to avoid downloading the browser-in-progress unless they really know what they’re doing. Chromium is the open source projected upon which Google Chrome is based,” Claburn reports.

“At the Google IO developer conference last week, company co-founder Sergey Brin told TechCrunch IT editor Steve Gillmor that he asks about Chrome for the Mac every other day. This might explain the eagerness of Google engineers to post updates before meaningful milestones are reached,” Claburn reports.

“A beta version of Chrome for Mac or Linux shouldn’t be expected for several months, based on the number of remaining issues, such as printing, that Chrome’s developers have to deal with,” Claburn reports.

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Mike Smith and Karen Grunberg, Google Chrome Product Managers report via The Chromium Blog, “In order to get more feedback from developers, we have early developer channel versions of Google Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux, but whatever you do, please DON’T DOWNLOAD THEM! Unless of course you are a developer or take great pleasure in incomplete, unpredictable, and potentially crashing software.”

“How incomplete? So incomplete that, among other things , you won’t yet be able to view YouTube videos, change your privacy settings, set your default search provider, or even print,” Smith and Grunberg report. “Meanwhile, we’ll get back to trying to get Google Chrome on these platforms stable enough for a beta release as soon as possible!”

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