AT&T’s i-Verse iPhone app to take on SlingPlayer Mobile?

“While it is true that AT&T’s already clogged 3G pipes would burst into unusability if tons of people were watching Sling on their iPhones, that’s only half the picture,” Jason Chen reports for Gizmodo.

“The other half comes from the fact that AT&T’s working on their own application code-named i-Verse, one that performs a similar task as SlingPlayer Mobile,” Chen reports.

“AT&T’s ‘i-Verse’ app works with their U-Verse TV solution that can either load DVR’ed shows from your U-Verse recorder into your iPhone at home, or stream shows across the net over their 3G network. The app was demoed last year behind closed doors and based on the reception then, prompted AT&T to go into full-time development on it,” Chen reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re not lawyers, but we’ll play some online right now: If true, Sling Media should line up some antitrust attorneys to prep their case against AT&T pronto. That’ll be $350.

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