Steve Jobs’ return: Christmas in July?

David Coursey writes for PC World, “Wouldn’t it be great if, a few weeks after next month’s WWDC, Apple maximum leader Steve Jobs returned–tanned, rested, healthy, and brandishing next-generation iPhones and other toys?”

“Dream on. As much as I would love to see this scenario play out, I have to side with my friend Robert Scoble,” Coursey writes. “The Scoblelizer answered my question about Jobs this way: ‘You’re not young, you’ve had a near-death cancer experience, and you have enough wealth that you never have to work again. Why would you want to?'”

MacDailyNews Take: Maybe because you’re a tremendously driven genius to whom money is just a side benefit, comebacks are routine, and who revels in regularly shocking the world instead of just a puffy ex-Microsoft blogger?

Coursey continues, “That sort of logic is what is making me start to think that Steve will return, if only to prove that he can. Of course, Steve can play as large or small a part in Apple’s future as he chooses. It’s not so important that Steve shows up at the office every day, so much that his hand is on the rudder, keeping Apple from running around.”

“So long as Apple has the Jobs touch, things are likely to be just fine. A total departure, however messes things up. If Job’s is well enough to return — which may or may not be a big ‘if’ — I think he will, if only for the perceived triumph it would create,” Coursey writes. “With all the rumored product out there — I am betting on new high-end iPhone, new low-end iPhone, and the ‘mediapad’ — Jobs would have a lot to show after the July 4th break.”

Coursey writes, “Steve Jobs return with a bag full of toys really would be a Christmas in July for all the Apple faithful.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Steve Jobs will never return to the helm at Apple.” – David Coursey, February 26, 2009

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