The world’s top 10 IT locations

“The information technology revolution may have spread around the globe but there are still some areas that are more IT friendly than most,” Iain Thomson writes for PC Authority.

“A decade ago people were talking about the death of distance, and how the internet would make physical geography irrelevant. This has not come to pass; there are still places around the world that are hubs of technology just as there are for air travel, product manufacturing or natural resource exploitation,” Thomson writes.

“This was a tough list to compile. The number one choice was obvious but the rest of it was a hard fought battle. Shaun’s insistance on one area of the north eastern US was matched by my determination to see Bletchley recognised. We’re a tight team here but it nearly came to blows,” Thomson writes. “Personally I’d have liked to see the Cambridge area of the UK make the list, but it was eclipsed by its namesake.”

The world’s top 10 IT locations:
Honorable mention – Bletchley Park
Honorable mention – Seattle
10. Boston (includes Cambridge, home to both Harvard and MIT)
9. Romania
8. Fort Meade, Maryland
7. Finland
6. Zhongguancun, China
5. San Francisco
4. Japan
3. Bangalore
2. Taiwan
1. Silicon Valley: The unquestioned capital of the IT world, the stretch of land encompassing San Jose and San Mateo county has become home to so many companies that it is now simply referred to as “Silicon Valley.” This list of companies headquartered in the Valley is absurd, but let’s go ahead and rattle off a few: HP, Sun, Oracle, Apple, Cisco, Google, Yahoo, Intel, McAfee, Symantec, AMD, eBay. The list just goes on and on. The history of Silicon Valley reads much like the history of computing itself. From the garage where Hewlett and Packard first joined up, to the house where two guys named Steve started building computer kits named after a piece of fruit, to the fabled labs at Xerox PARC and even the dormitories at Stanford University that housed the likes of Jerry Yang and Sergey Brin, the area is crawling with high-tech historical landmarks.

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