How to get many of the iPhone OS 3.0 features on your iPhone today

“The iPhone 3.0 OS may only be available as a beta for developers (and friends of developers), but there’s still plenty of tinkering you can do to get the 3.0 OS experience,” John Mahoney reports for Gizmodo.

“What everyone can do is check out our directory of iPhone apps—both legit App Store apps and unofficial jailbreak software—that already provide the iPhone 3.0 OS’s major feature additions. Copy and paste, tethering, running apps in the background—we’ve got almost all of it covered,” Mahoney reports.

“But first, you’ll want to jailbreak your phone. And thankfully, we have a detailed guide for that too. Jailbreaking unlocks the wide world of Cydia, where you’ll find most of the iPhone 3.0-related features covered,” Mahoney reports.

Full article here.

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