Georgetown finally approves Washington D.C. Apple Retail Store design (with images)

“Apple is on its way to Georgetown [Washington, D.C.],” Paul Schwartzman reports for The Washington Post.

“An architectural review board today embraced the computer company’s revised plans for a store it plans to open on Wisconsin Avenue,” Schwartzman reports.

“The Old Georgetown Board’s approval came after it had ordered Apple to redraw plans four previous times, primarily because the building it envisioned did not conform with the federal-style structures in the area,” Schwartzman reports.

“Apple’s new design includes a paneled glass storefront that echoes the entrances to neighboring properties,” Schwartzman reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Washington D.C. efficiency; basically back to square one with plenty of time, effort, and money wasted in the meantime.

Apple bought the three-story brick building on Wisconsin Avenue in 2007 and submitted their first proposal (see below) in September of that year.

Here’s a visual history of Apple’s proposals for Apple Store Georgetown:

Apple’s first proposal looks pretty much identical to their just-approved proposal with one window difference, which is, you must agree, a very important change that was certainly worth the 18 months of bullshitting around.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “jp” for the heads up.]

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