Apple gets Intel’s Nehalem early, plus VMWare and H.264 performance boosts

“The release of the new Mac Pro on Tuesday marked the first use of Intel’s Nehalem processor in Apple’s products. As in the past, Intel has allowed Apple to get early access to their newest processors ahead of the competition. These Nehalem Xeon processors used in the high end Mac Pros have not even been officially announced by Intel yet,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors.

“An x264 developer has reported that Nehalem SSE changes are extremely beneficial to x264 performance and ‘have led to an enormous overall performance increase[s]’ over Penryn processors. As this processor support trickles out, it should speed up the time to encode H.264 video substantially,” Kim reports.

“Meanwhile, VMWare customers may also see significant improvements in running VMWare Fusion on the new Nehalem Mac Pros,” Kim reports.

More details and links in the full article here.

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