Tapulous releases Tap Tap Revenge 2

Tapulous has released Tap Tap Revenge 2 for Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

Sporting rich new features, an all-new catalog of more than 150 free tracks, and three awesome ways to play with your friends, Tap Tap Revenge 2 is the sequel to the most popular game on the App Store (six million users).

Tap Tap Revenge 2 features a completely new game engine with new graphics and effects, making for a more immersive 3D experience.

• Uses all the advanced features of the iPhone/iPod touch, including OpenGL for advanced graphics effects, multi-touch, the accelerometer for intuitive gameplay, and Core Animation for the menu system
• Personalized feed for friend challenges and updates
• Three ways to play with friends: Two player split-screen mode, online multiplayer game rooms, and personalized Challenge mode
• Pricing: FREE

The Music:
• Over 150 free downloadable tracks
• New tracks every week
• The Crystal Method, Death Cab for Cutie, Nine Inch Nails, Daft Punk, Weezer, Fallbrooke, Trapt, Coconut Records, and an original title track by Stroke 9

More info:
• The visuals: As the user does well, the visual effects get more intense. When the user gets to Revenge mode, a firm shake switches the theme into “overdrive”;
• Gameplay: Tap Tap Revenge 2 features “Tap & Hold” and “Multi-Tap” which make the game even more fun, especially on the Hard and Extreme levels. The Extreme level has been designed to be challenging for even the most expert players;
• The music: Tap Tap Revenge 2 features more than 150 songs ranging from Alternative to Hip Hop, and even a couple of Country tracks. Free new music is added every week;
• Career mode: Starting with Achievements, a global ranking, and an online widget to show off your ranking (coming next week), we will be further developing Career mode in the coming months;
• The Feed: The Feed offers customized notifications, including Challenge updates and notifications when new friends are added in the online mode;
• Kids mode: Even the youngest ones can now have fun with the new Kids mode, where you can tap anywhere on the screen and get fun visual effects;
• Online Play: Live online game rooms now feature catchup balls, a more sophisticated ranking system, and genre-based rooms where you can play with friends or people nearby;
• Two Player Split-Screen mode: Featuring a fun new look and feel, progress meter and catchup balls;
• Challenge mode: After completing a game, click on the Challenge button to email a friend. Your friend will play against your exact game, facing off ball-by-ball. We’ll keep you posted in the Feed;
• iPod touch: Tap Tap Revenge 2 works great on the iPod touch. Performance is exceptional on the touch, and the experience works well in offline mode;
• Facebook Connect: Coming soon, Tap Tap Revenge 2 will support Facebook Connect;
• Tap Tap Revenge 2 features a new selection of music and is a new game that can be installed alongside the original Tap Tap Revenge.

More info and screenshots via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

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