Fraiche Yogurt: Apple CEO Steve Jobs ‘in great health’

“Amid a flurry of (disputed) reports and rumors about Apple chief executive Steve Jobs’ ‘rapidly declining health,’ blogger Robert Scoble did some field work to dig for the truth today,” MG Siegler reports for VentureBeat.

“Well okay, he was in a yogurt shop with his friend, Socialtext cofounder Ross Mayfield, when Mayfield mentioned he had seen Jobs there in the past. So Scoble decided to ask the person working behind the counter if they’d seen Jobs recently. And guess what? They had,” Siegler reports.

“‘I’m in Palo Alto. Just had yogurt at shop that Steve Jobs eats at frequently. They said he was in a couple of days ago and is in great health,’ Scoble posted on the social aggregation service FriendFeed,” Siegler reports. “Apparently, the yogurt store in question, Fraiche Yogurt, delivers yogurt to Apple executives every week, Scoble wrote in a comment. A separate blog, Swanktastic, confirms that Jobs (and other big names in tech) have been seen at the shop in recent months.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is what it’s come to, folks. Meanwhile, SEC Chairman Christopher Cox, a man who can perform a miracle (make Steve Ballmer look like a competent manager), replied, “Oh, forget it. It’s just too hard to tell!” when asked to decipher his ass from his elbow.


  1. Steve HAS set the record straight – it’s just these f#&$ing short-sellers who keep propagating this myth. In an interview with MSNBC just a couple of months ago Steve Jobs himself told on camera that his health is great and there is no need for people to worry.

  2. I wonder at what point does this rumor spreading become actionable? If you could reasonably show malice could a group of investors bring a class action against those that create the rumors. If the rumor starts with Gizmodo and the effect of said rumor is well known (i.e. – stock drops) how could there not be malice in Gizmodo’s starting the rumor? I wonder if a court would be willing to hear this case and could Gizmodo afford to defend themselves?

  3. Steve HAS set the record straight. It’s these individual numbnuts who want their own record set straight. Believe you me, Steve will not respond to every Tom, Dick or Harry who wants an answer. It’s just like that woman who accosted him last year at MWSF, Violet Blue or something, he didn’t say a word to her after she rudely interrupted him.

  4. @Marco

    I seriously wish Apple would sue Gizmodo for reporting false rumors. They sue people for reporting on product announcements, I think this is far more serious than reporting that the new MacBook has Firewire 1600.

    Gizmodo has once again proven that it is the single most irresponsible and untrustworthy piece of crap on the Internet.

  5. Yes, it was the amazingly stupid Violet Blue, who’s massive ego is in indirect proportion to her brain.
    Imagine being approached by every roach wannabee with a web site?

    Not a surprise that Steve keeps a low profile in life.

    The guy is the real deal, not like Gates or Bush or some such attention-seeking tosser.
    Leave our Steve alone. Enough.

  6. Whether his health is frail or not, what does walking into a yogurt shop and placing an order have to do with a medical diagnosis?

    … that is, unless their door frame is really a PET scanner….

    MDN MW: Need, as in “We need some facts here, folks.”

  7. Yeah, this is the right closing-news for 2008.
    In 2009, someone will probably climb down the sewer next to his house and analyze his urine to get a _definite_ answer.

    I’m feeling sorry for Steve Jobs, healthy or not.

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