Leaked Mac OS X Snow Leopard screenshots posted online

“Apple’s said it’s taking a break from adding flashy features to OS X to focus on the foundations and stability of the system with Snow Leopard, and this latest leaked screenshot might indicate that those foundations are moving to 64 bits — it shows System Preferences saying it needs to restart in 32-bit mode to open the Network panel,” Nilay Patel reports for Engadget.

“That’s certainly interesting, given the rumors that Apple’s dropping support for non-Intel machines and maybe even 32-bit Intel processors with this release, but it could also just mean that whoever took this screenshot doesn’t have a 64-bit-friendly version of that preference pane installed,” Patel reports. “We’re guessing the latter, since there are a lot of 32-bit only Core Duo Intel Macs out there.”

Full article here.

See the screenshots in the full article (in German) here.


  1. Yeah well i’m holding onto my Core Duo Macbook pro until i know the deal for Snow Leopard.

    I know apple likes to leap to new tech without much care for the past, however if anything I really hope they dont kill support for all 32 bit intel machines. They wont be worth much if that is the case.

    You can still get a decent penny for the PPC machines at least power macs and high end iMacs for those who dont want to get intel versions of pro Software, but the 32 bit intels are like the pickles in the burger you dont want…Anyone with them is going to have a bad taste in their mouth…

  2. Glad my G5 powermac died from coolant leak and I got a free mac pro. I actually had it up online for sale so I could buy a new mac pro so I wouldn’t be left out from snow leopard and so I’d finally have intel processors to run the all but 2 programs in windows instead of buying some crappy windows computer.

  3. Why would they drop PPC support when some of the G5s where 64 bit? That would be like shooting themselves in the foot. And seriously, do you really think they would drop support for a 2 year old intel mac because it is not 64 bit. If you believe that they would then you must have a touch of the downs.

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