Apple Retail Stores staying open late for last-minute shoppers

Apple has announced that the company’s retail stores are staying open late to accommodate last-minute shoppers. Many stores are staying open until 11pm local time today and tomorrow and until 6pm on Christmas Eve.

This holiday, and every day, you can find some of the world’s most knowledgeable Apple people in your neighborhood Apple Store. Our Specialists help you get to know our products and find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Geniuses provide hands-on technical support and repairs at the Genius Bar. Trainers offer face-to-face personal training to help you get the most out of your Mac. And the Concierge in the red shirt is your guide to the Apple Store, ready to answer your questions and always point you in the right direction.

Check you local Apple Store’s special holiday hours here.


  1. Special Bulletin:

    Santa will be dropping food stamps down shareholder’s chimneys this year after the beating they’ve taken. To be followed by Mr. Oppenheimer dropping the Mother of all Sandbags during the next conference call.

  2. Because you can’t stay open late if you don’t open at all…

    BTW, just stopped by the Apple Store in Tulsa, OK (I know, what was I thinking) and the place was by far one of the busier stores in the mall. They even had a special roped off area for express purchase of iPods. The line at the registers in the back was about 5 deep.

  3. Hey, “Uh-Oh . . .

    Take a quick look at ALL (not some, not a few) of the equities in the tech sector to see how AAPL is doing. DELL is currently less than 1/3 of its 52 week high; MSFT less than 1/2; Texas Instruments down 60%; Research In Motion down 70%; etc., etc., etc.

    Yeah, AAPL has its problems, BUT WHICH STOCK WORLDWIDE DOESN’T? If you’re implying that there’s something unique and fundamentally wrong with this equity, you’re completely mistaken. It’s debt-free and on top of its game and will surely lead the sector out of its pullback when the time comes. (One year? Two? More?)

    Until that time, it’s grin and bear it if you’re in the stock market on planet earth–with ANY equity.

  4. Great. Millions of people are stuck in bad weather all over th country and Apple wants to keep the employees working late on Christmas Eve. What a bunch of Scrooges!! I wonder if the top execs of Apple will be at a store on Christmas Eve until closing? Especially if there is bad weather and it might take hours to get home, if they can get home????
    Bay humbug on Apple.

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