Microsoft extends ancient Windows XP availability for PC box assemblers

“Microsoft system builder partners who’ve been feeling queasy about the impending Jan. 31, 2009, deadline for selling PCs with Windows XP pre-installed can now breathe a bit easier, as Microsoft is giving them a way to obtain XP licenses through distribution after the deadline,” Kevin McLaughlin and Scott Campbell report for ChannelWeb.

“In an e-mail to ChannelWeb, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the existence of a flexible inventory program that will allow distributors to place their final orders for Windows XP OEM licenses by Jan. 31, 2009, and take delivery against those orders through May 30,” McLaughlin and Campbell report.

“It’s yet another sign of the market’s resistance to Windows Vista, and of the growing realization within the channel that many customers have decided to simply skip Vista and wait for the arrival of Windows 7,” McLaughlin and Campbell report.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Windows XP was released 7 years and 2 months ago. Microsoft should be mortified that they are still forced to sell their ancient upside-down and backwards fake Mac OS because their current upside-down and backwards fake Mac OS is even worse. And the box assemblers — who are shipping an ancient, substandard OS while waiting for a lipstick-covered Vista pig — get what all parasites who hitch themselves to a dying host deserve.


  1. So all the orders have to be in by January 31. I do hope someone leaks either sales figures from Microsoft or order figures from one or more of the OEMs so we can see if there is a marked uptick as OEMs stockpile.

  2. Microsoft might as well let them have Windows XP till Windows 7 comes out. Why are they still trying to force Vista onto people? Surely they should wait till Windows 7 is out to force windows on people.

  3. Wow, can you imagine STILL using Puma or Cheetah almost a decade later?

    PC users, it sucks to be you.

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  4. Hey, XP Pro SP 3 can be quite snappy if you turn off your antivirus software.

    As long as you have no internet access and you only have one program open.

    If you have internet access and the antivirus software is off the computer slows down big time in about 15 minutes.

    What exactly is a spam-bot and how did XP Pro SP 3 morph into one?

  5. Seriously though, the XP you bought 7 years ago and the XP in use today are two seriously different OSes.

    The XP of today is way more secure, relatively speaking.

    With one or more a-v programs working in the background and the Microsoft OS and Microsoft programs phoning home quite frequently, the XP of today is way more slower as well.

    But, it is compatible with every program and peripheral made for Windows in the last 7 years.

    That’s the only reason it kicks Vista butt.

  6. If Microsoft was smart, they would rename Windows 7 and call it Windows XP2. But Microsoft is not so good with the marketing, so they will call it “just like Windows Vista only better.”

  7. In a world where Moore’s Law predicts two year product cycles in the computer business, Windows XP is reaching back almost four generations now. That will practically make it the great-grandfather of Windows 7, when/if ever that future train wreck is allowed to happen.

  8. Its unfair to compare XP’s launch date version to that of today. The only difference between that and OSX is that they didn’t charge for the upgrade in between. OSX has been out since 2002. That’s six years and 4 months. Don’t you think it is time for OSXI? People in the PC world are not used to paying to upgrade as Mac users are accustomed to it. XP upgrades all the way to current SP3 have been free.

    That said I still use Vista because it is much more pleasant to use and way more secure. Haven’t had any malware of any kind since I have been using it for the past year; and that is without any anti-virus programs. Just straight Vista. I can’t say that for when I was using XP. But I also don’t open emails that have Rolex’s for sale for $50 or want to enlarge my genitals either.

  9. It is a bit strange to still be using “OSX” after so many years. That’s mostly because of the naming convention. Today’s “OSX” shares a lot of code with the original “OSX”, but don’t be fooled into thinking the changes were cosmetic. More code has been discarded /replaced than has been kept and even more has been added in.
    And SNOW Leopard will do even more!
    Still, “OSX” is a “BRAND”. 10.5 was not a “patch” for 10.4, it was a whole bunch of fixes, yes, and another whole bunch of additions. And Apple does expect you to pay for those new features.

  10. @DLMeyer

    Agreed; and we customers of Apple expect them to charge for the excellence they continue to produce, as they do charge fairly for their software. Staunch contrast to the lock ’em in and extort for patches approach of the other big OS vendor.

  11. You stupid Macheads don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Mojave just proves the point just how good MS Vista really is. Here at MS we love that our customers have choices. “You People” …just wait until Windows 7 come out in the 2nd quarter of 2009. I would like to personally thank “Al” and ” I agree with Al” for the your support. The rest of you guys, and to the other future poster after this post…well, can just ROT in hell!

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