RUMOR: Microsoft layoffs, cut-backs coming January 15th

“Rumors. Microsoft layoff and cut-backs and Reduction In Force rumors. That’s all I have for you. Rumors and second-hand speculation and the comments left by the fine, good-looking folks who participate in the conversation here. So pour yourself some holiday cheer and dive in,” Mini-Microsoft reports.

“What have those fine folks been sharing over the past couple of posts here? Bad news on the rise and with perhaps January 15th 2009 as an interesting day for Microsoft news. Bad news. 15 Jan is a week before FY09Q2 quarterly results and it’s better to share as much news, good and bad, before the results are released vs. surprising Wall Street (something I think we’ve learned),” Mini-Microsoft reports.

It all starts with…

Just heard on the finance grapevine. MSFT layoffs are coming on January 15th.

They are substantial.

Mini Microsoft reports, “Come 22 Jan 2009 Microsoft will be asked by the analysts what it is doing to contain costs. And I believe Microsoft will have an answer. I think this is one solution that you don’t want to be a part of. I’m all for cutting back, but it should have been done long ago, responsibly, vs. forced upon us.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If true, so many of those cubicle walls up in Redmond will miss their ardent admirers.


  1. Guys this isn’t funny news…
    Don’t live in a bubble!
    Every sector is doing bad… Auto, Banks, Retail and the Computer industry.

    Apple saw a 38% decrease in Computer sales in November… Let’s see what happens for December.
    And once the new product launch is out in January, let’s see how Apple does in May or June before you start thinking that Apple is immune from the recession hitting the world… NO ONE IS!

    Apple will have a full plate to deal with just like every company is right now…. Trust.

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