Developer claims humanitarian effort sidelined by challenge from Apple Inc.

Something Inc. has issued a press release entitled, “Humanitarian Effort Sidelined for the Holidays and Beyond by Challenge from Apple Inc.”

The press release verbatim:

An humanitarian effort to fight world hunger, protect endangered species and counter global warming has been sidelined for the holidays – and beyond – because of a legal challenge filed by Apple Inc.

The online game Glupod had been scheduled to debut November 29 – in time for the Christmas season. Instead, Glupod has been put on hold indefinitely because of Apple’s claim that the use of ‘pod’ in the game’s name violates a number of Apple trademark registrations.

In development for more than two years, Glupod is the first online video game that would allow players to turn in-game winnings into food for starving people in developing countries, help for endangered species and to help global warming.

“We’re extremely disappointed Apple has chosen to take such a hard-line attitude against an effort that has the potential to do so much good,” said Ioannis Tsiokos, managing director of Something Inc., the company that developed Glupod. “No one’s going to confuse Glupod with an iPod.”

Tsiokos and a small band of colleagues at Something, Inc. who work online from Greece, India, the United States and the United Kingdom have collaborated to get Glupod ready for launch. The game would fight poverty and help environmental causes in the real world by turning game prizes into real-life help for social and environmental causes.

Source: Something Inc.


  1. If this game has been in development for 2 years, why weren’t the developers aware of Apple’s protection of anything sounding like the iPod? Also, instead of trying to bash Apple, why don’t they simply change the damn name of the stupid game to something else. “Glupod” doesn’t exactly ring clear as to what the game is, in any case. And finally, how pretentious of them to think they can save the world with game points! Talk about “Green marketing”. I call bullshit on the developers!

  2. So instead of simply changing the name of the game and continuing on with their noble efforts, Something Inc. is going to stamp its little feet and suspend their game indefinately.

    I think it’s obvious that there is more going on here than just big, bad Apple mistreating a poor, innocent company who only wants to help people. Yeah, right. If they really wanted to help people and the environment, they could just change the name of their game. What are they really up to?

  3. The game sounds lame anyway.

    I’d prefer to play a game that drops me 1st person into a 3rd world country so I can frag the bad guys.

    Maybe they could donate a nickel for ever incident of collateral damage. That would kick up the hit accuracy score fast.

    Eh, I still wouldn’t play it.


  4. A game to save the world? Doesn’t the electricity needed to juice the device upon which you play the game, come from carbon sources? Right, hypocrisy.

    And, what percentage of sales is going to prizes to feed the hungry? And, what percentage of sales is going to the developers? Right, hypocrisy.

    Is this just an attempt to garner attention, for their game? How difficult is it to change the name of Glupod? Glurod? Gluprod? Gluped? Groped?

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