AdMob: iPhone users dominate Wi-Fi usage stats

AdMob, the world’s largest mobile advertising marketplace, today highlighted growing Wi-Fi usage in the US and the UK in its November 2008 Mobile Metrics Report. Worldwide iPhone requests grew 52 percent month over month to 359 million in November, giving the iPhone 6.3 percent of total requests. In the US the iPhone is now the #1 device with 9.9 percent of requests.

The iPhone has by far the most Wi-Fi usage, with 42 percent of US requests coming in over W-iFi instead of a mobile operator network. Wi-Fi-only devices such as the iPod touch and Sony PlayStation Portable also generated significant traffic.

Other highlights from the November 2008 report:
• In the US, 8 percent of total requests in November were on Wi-Fi networks, up from 3 percent in August. 42 percent of iPhone requests are made from Wi-Fi, notably higher than most other Wi-Fi-capable phones which average between 10-20 percent. iPhone Wi-Fi usage is generally higher on iPhone specific sites and applications than on normal mobile sites.
• In the UK, 8 percent of requests in November were on Wi-Fi networks, up from 4 percent in August. The iPhone and iPod touch are the leading Wi-Fi devices.
• Worldwide requests were flat in November at 5.8 billion. Requests from North America, Western Europe, Latin America, and Eastern Europe each increased more than 10 percent month over month. These increases were offset by a decline in Indonesian inventory.
• The G1 (HTC Dream) generated 15 million requests in November and represents 7 percent of all T-Mobile traffic. Android had a 2 percent share of smartphone operating system traffic in the US.

The full November 2008 report with additional data and all previous reports are available for free download at:

AdMob stores and analyzes handset and operator data from every ad request in its network to optimize ad serving. Each month, the Mobile Metrics Report aggregates this data to provide insights into major trends in the mobile ecosystem.

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  1. Is it just possible that the people who decide to buy an iPhone are those same people who would be using their phone to surf anyway? So … my decision to ignore the whole phenomenon might be based mainly on my lack of desire to surf from my phone? The iPhone (and Touch) are OK phones with OK cameras and OK (other things) but excel at web browsing. The fact that you can also use them to play modest games is a significant plus – until you get tired of recharging it three times a day or become old enough to vote.
    The iPhone has staked out its niche. Good job!

  2. A fellow board member of a volunteer group got a G1. The menus and such looked OK, but responsiveness was not as good as an iPhone. When he demonstrated the camera at an indoors location with artificial lighting, the screen showed massive blooming. I don’t know if the actual photo turned out that poorly, but round one of the Android hardware does not look promising.

    If there was any doubt, the iPhone still rules.

  3. @DLMayer,web browsing & apps are obvious strengths, but I’m not sure why you’d rate the phone sub-par. The way the iPhone handles contacts and voicemail are unparrallelled and that’s a huge part of the phone experience. Sound quality is slso great, And the range/reception has been as good as any of my other phones.

  4. WiFi is need as at&t;covergae is crappy and the 3G is just a battery spihon!

    Why anyone is still buying the iPhone is beyond me. Get a touch and you have the same device. Seeing the majority of usage is over WiFi you’ll save yourself a boatload of cash in the long run.

    MDN likes to knock the Storm (which does have it’s share of issues) but at least the Verizon network is solid and Apple won’t be on anything else for at least another couple years.

    Better hope those open WiFi spots never go away …

  5. Is anyone else shocked the iPod touch wi fi use isn’t higher than iPhone wi-fi usage? I would have bet a body part that there were more touches than iphones out there.

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