De Vere’s of London unveils all-black ‘Midnight’ iPhone; $18,312 option features 425 diamonds

De Vere’s of London has unveiled the all-black ‘Midnight’ iPhone that the company originally meant to use only as a base to show off inset diamonds.

De Vere’s says they never intended to offer an iPhone with a plain black bezel, until they realized how good it looked “naked.” So, they’ve decided to offer it to customers as an option.

Of course, it can also have diamonds set into it like their other iPhones. According to De Vere’s, “White diamonds look spectacular against a black background!”

The bezel surrounding the front screen has a hard-wearing electroplated deep gloss black finish.

The all-black “Midnight” iPhone is available in two versions:

• 16GB unlocked iPhone 3G with black bezel – £799 (US$1,199)
• A black bezel only (fitted to customer’s existing iPhone 3G) – £299 ($449)

You can also decide to have your iPhone inset with 25-425 diamonds: £431.25 ($794) – £9,520 ($18,312). De Vere’s website states that it normally takes between about 15-20 days to complete an iPhone, depending on the number of diamonds you choose.

More info here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I was getting ready to place an iPhone order for the 425 diamond inset for my wife’s Christmas present. But since it takes 15 – 20 days to receive – I’ll have to go with the kitchen knives and that ram upgrade she’s (I’ve) been wanting.

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