Get ready for Apple’s deepest Black Friday discounts ever

“Investment firm Kaufman Bros. said Wednesday it believes Apple is preparing to offer its deepest Black Friday discounts ever, but said the move has been accounted for in the company’s guidance and will be largely offset by falling commodity costs,” AppleInsider reports.

“Citing supply chain and distribution checks, analyst Shaw Wu, who recently joined Kaufman from American Technology Research, said this year’s Black Friday sale is shaping up to be a bit more aggressive than usual,” AppleInsider reports.

“‘Historically over the last couple years, Apple has offered discounts between 5%-10%,’ he wrote in a research note to clients. ‘We think there may be discounts of up to 15% this year on Macs, iPods and accessories. It is not clear to us if iPhone will see a discount as well,'” AppleInsider reports.

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Philip Elmer-DeWitt blgos for Fortune, “Apple (AAPL), which keeps the tightest reins on list prices in the business, seems to have loosened them significantly this holiday season. Authorized resellers who normally wouldn’t dare chop a nickel off Apple’s suggested retail are cutting prices, offering rebates and plastering the Web with gaudy ads.”

“By Wednesday morning, the white MacBook that still lists for $999 on the Apple Store was selling for $899.99 at BestBuy, $899.95 at B&H Photo, $899.00 at Amazon and $868.99 at Club Mac and Mac Mall,” Elmer-DeWitt reports.

“Wlmer-DeWitt reports, “It’s not a price war worthy of Crazie Eddie Antar, but it’s more retail aggressiveness than we’ve seen from Apple, which usually keeps its resellers on a short leash and limits its sales to Black Friday, Back to School and the occasional close-out.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: We will bring you Apple’s specific Black Friday deals as soon as Apple releases the information. Last year’s Black Friday Deals that were offered by Apple Store Online and Apple Retail Stores can be seen here.


  1. @Cubert…

    Because everyone knows the Darkness is where it’s at. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />
    Either that or they’re waiting for Steely Dan to write a song about it.

  2. … and how come green olives can be seen in a jar, but it is the black one’s that can’t bee seen because they are all locked up in a can?!

    … and tell me why in pool, the white ball is the “good” cue ball, while the bad evil ball is a eight-ball, that is black?!

    From: Eddie Murphy’s paranoid friend in the movie Boomerang.

  3. @Yo Cubert!

    Or, why is the black cat crossing your path the bad one, but the white one is the one that sits in the lap of the evil bald guy in his leather office chair behind a big desk with his back perpetually to the door in all the James Bond movies?

    Food for thought in between bites of turkey.

  4. Black friday come from accounting. Black ink is used to show profit and red ink is used to show loss. A lot or retail stores do not begin to show profit until the day after Thanksgiving, or the “start” of the holiday shopping. If a store is not in the black after that it is a very bad sign for their business.

  5. Ummmm…this may sound stupid but WHEN is black friday (and don’t say friday) coming?
    Does this occur at the online store or at any Apple store?

    @Cubert…’So racist! How come there is no White Friday???’

    You never read Robinson Crusoe?

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