Apple’s iTunes App Store posts Google Mobile App featuring iPhone voice search

Apple has (finally!) posted Google’s updated Google Mobile App for iPhone and iPod touch which now features voice and My Location search.

Google Mobile App is free. Features include:
1. Voice search – Speak your queries instead of typing them. Just bring the iPhone to your ear, wait for the tone, then speak your query
2. Search with My Location – Search for nearby businesses and more without specifying where you are located
3. When you type, get time-saving suggestions for:
– website shortcuts, like Wikipedia articles
– search history
– word completions
– contracts
4. Fast access to Google services like Mail, Earth, Photos, Talk, Reader and more
5. Apps tab – you can re-order Google Apps to make it easier to access your favorites
6. Expanded Preferences – set up the App to better suit your needs

Voice search is only supported on iPhone and works best for North American English accents. Other languages coming soon.

Google shows off Google Mobile App:

Google Mobile App (version 0.3.142) via Apple’s App Store is here: iTunes link.

MacDailyNews Note: Tested. It works well. This is definitely one of those apps you’ll use to show of your iPhone!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ken” for the heads up.]


  1. Just tried to update and after syncing my playlists last night it says I have no room, even if I delete a load of apps I have no room, I have no photos to delete to make space either. Although oddly I can seemingly take a whole load of photos and it will find space. Oh well, I’ll have to wait until when I get home.

  2. What the fsuk do you mean by ‘finally’? You sound like those dumbasses who pump everything they publish until they are screaming at each other like entitlement gen babies.

    Apple has a process. That process keeps that crybabyware out of the Apps Store. They check carefully. They said they would publish it Monday, they published it Monday.

    Grow the fsuk up.

  3. Impressive, indeed. As MDN said, this is clearly the show-off app for the iPhone. One needs to use a lot of imagination in order to come up with all the creative uses of this application, but surely it has enormous potential. Motion sensor activation is really a nice touch, although it won’t do much for those who use headset to talk on the iPhone (it is an iPod, after all).

    Arguments in favour of switching to the iPhone keep piling up. By the time the current AT↦T contract expires, I’m sure there’ll be even more. May can’t come soon enough…

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