Should Apple buy Sprint?

“The big news in Kansas City lately has been about Sprint continuing to bleed customers by the million. Sprint has tried to correct a long corporate tradition of putting its bottom line first and customers last in its planning and business policies. At Sprint it has been understood that customers are suckers to be baited, trapped and exploited. Apple Computer has always put the end user first and the bottom line really takes good care of its self, thank you very much,” Greg Mills writes over in our Opinion section today.

“Apple is everything Sprint is not. Apple is Innovative, a technology leader, and has world class customer service,” Mills writes.

“Apple has $25 billion in cash and credit to buy Sprint. The management at Apple and the Apple brand name would turn the wireless company we call ‘Sprint’ around quickly,” Mills writes. “With long range wireless, the existing cell phone network and a lock on the iPhone, Apple has a reason to consider vertical expansion in the wireless market with the hoard of cash it has accumulated.”

Mills looks at reasons why it makes sense for Apple to buy Sprint in his full article – which includes the opportunity for reader feedback – here.

Reader Feedback

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