Analyst: Apple to sell iPhones for $149 in Costco starting in January

Apple Online Store“Every month, Trip Chowdhry, the one-man band who covers all things tech under the moniker Global Equities Research, writes a piece he calls Silicon Scoop on current trends and gossip from the Valley. It’s always a good read, but this time around it is especially full of eye-opening predictions, many of them seriously distressing. It reads like Nostradamus has decided to cover the tech business,” Eric Savitz blogs for Barron’s. “Here are some of Trip’s current prognostications:

• Almost every Silicon Valley company is facing deteriorating business conditions and will cut their workforce by 3%-10% by year end.
• Motorola could get a life line in the form of equity investments from Microsoft and possibly Google, in return for supporting the Windows Mobile and Android mobile phone platforms.
• Apple, he says, is going to start selling iPhones via Costco at $149 starting in January.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Alansky hit nail on head, the 199 price on the iPhone is based on an upfront carrier subsidy, which does not occur if the phone is hacked and shifted elsewhere. Activation is now part of the sale, and as such Costco which does sell iPods is not equipped to sell iPhones. This could change if Costco could figure out a way to activate the phones on site.

  2. Costco sold the PPC Mini packaged with keyboard and mouse, it carries the full iPod line, sells accessories, sells & activates other cell phones, so I see no reason why this could not be true. Costco is seeing increased traffic, I think it may be a good idea.

  3. I don’t know about the 149.00 at COSTCO but they sure have been doing a lot of stupid things lately. First they didn’t consider a 3-1 when the stock was over 180.00. (I’ll buy next at 60.00) Pissed of half of there customers on Prop 8. Unless you consider the voting percentages than they pissed off a little more than half. Got in bed at least for a few years here with a company that was monopolistic and who many consider to still be.(ATT) Oh thats right, these are the guys who listen in on the telephone to protect us with their special agreement with the government. I wonder if that will change with Barry in charge? Yeah right! All in all I would say that corporate fascism is still the flavor of the day. I wonder what will happen with the “Apple-Psystar copyright imbroglio”. Like I said, a whole lot of stupid in a short time.

  4. I have been a member of the Priceclub and now Costco since ’92. I always felt Costco doesn’t much care for Apple for some reason. Go to their website and see if they offer any iPods online right now or ever. It is not carried by their main distribution, but rather each store individually. Some Costcos will therefore offer iPods, some won’t. I used to notice bigger promotions for all other MP3s in the world, mostly notably Zunes at Costco, while keeping the iPods slightly away from the main traffic by the entrance.

    Finally, Bill Gate’s Dad is on the Costco board.

    Costco, fast becoming M$ of the retail, while Tesco has been experimenting the Apple retail magic in a werehouse for a year before landing in the US recently. There should be a link there somewhere on this from 2007. I miss PriceClub.

  5. I was recently at the Makuhari Costco in Japan. They do in fact sell Apple products… currently only iPod and iTunes cards. They’re iTunes cards are discounted. I saw the 3000 yen card selling for 2780 yen. In the past I have also seen iBooks there.

  6. Comparing Costco and Microsoft isn’t fair.

    Costco is one of the most labor-friendly companies in the country. In fact, they’re frequently faulted by Wall Street analysts for — get this — paying their employees too much! They also give out full benefits to a large proportion of the work force, which is rare today. Unlike the late (non-lamented) Circuit City, they actually want to keep experienced staff around to improve services.

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