U.S. Election Day Tech: What could possibly go wrong?

“E-voting technology has come a long way since the 2000 U.S. presidential election, when voting equipment problems erased an estimated 1.5 million votes during one of the closest elections in U.S. history,” Robert McMillan reports for IDG News Service. “But progress has zig-zagged. After Congress passed the 2002 Help America Vote Act (HAVA), counties spent billions of dollars upgrading to new electronic voting machines, many of which have now been dumped because they were unusable or, worse still, untrustworthy.”

“California and Florida, for example, have mostly abandoned e-voting systems in favor of optical scan machines where a paper ballot is scanned into a computer, leaving a paper record of the vote that can be manually recounted in the event of an audit,” McMillan reports. “That’s the gold standard, voting experts say: voting machines that use paper ballots that are routinely audited for errors.”

McMillan reports, “And while election observers say that more people will vote on paper ballots using optical scan machines than did in 2004, there is still room for plenty of e-voting glitches this year in a race that could have the highest turnout in 100 years. Here are a few things that could go wrong with electronic voting on Nov. 4.”

What could go wrong:
• Machine malfunction
• Touch-screen calibration errors
• Training problems/Unskilled poll workers
• Human error by voters
• Voter registration database problems
• Malicious attack/Hacking the election

Full article here.


  1. For all you bleeding heart Libs who hope for “unity” following this election:

    Forget it. If Obama is elected, we will not forget nor will we excuse your vicious, nasty, 8 years of blind hate.

    It’ll be payback time.

    Always remember that roughly 60 million people (around half of all voters or every other person) will not have voted for Barack Hussein Osama bin Biden.

    In short, if you Obamatards and your complicit media achieve your goal, prepare yourselves for 4 years of revenge.

    For every little thing that goes wrong – we will loudly blame your president. We will pretend that Obama is Biden’s puppet. The whole ball of wax.

    You reap what you sow.

    BTW: Biden makes Dan Quayle sound like Albert Einstein, but the liberal media gives him a total pass.

    God forbid “Carter II: Just Blacker” happens, but if it does, prepare for much disharmony.

    The 2012 election cycle begins now.

  2. I voted last week in Georgia, where there are only electronic ballots. It’s a scary, scary thing to see the Windows “hourglass” icon pop up after each button is pushed!

    And in an interface only a Windows developer could possibly think was appropriate, when you select a candidate, the box you touch turns into a RED X mark! Seriously, I thought the machine had crashed after I made my first selection. Unbelievable….

  3. One More Thing = One More Coward because he doesn’t register his username.

    May I recommend Internet Tough Guy magazine.

    Only a retard would protest out of spite.

  4. It’s exactly these types of hateful words scattered all over the internet by mccain/palin supporters that makes this election decision easy for my independent vote. If the conservative “extremists” are this hate filled, then I want nothing to do with that party. Obama/Biden ’08

  5. Kinda funny that when you load/refresh MDN, no matter what your political leanings are, you are always hoping for blue.

    See! We’re all just Macheads. Can’t we all get along!

    Now, go vote.

  6. What I don’t understand is that you read about all these governmental contracts, in countries around the world, where they spend billions and then the systems don’t work. Is there no accountability from the providers that the stuff they’re selling will work and be fit for purpose? It just seems to be accepted. I never hear about governmental bodies getting huge refunds.

  7. macaholic,

    Just because an opinion runs counter to yours does not mean it should be censored.

    But, of course, you’re a liberal Obamatard, so you think it should be.

    I’m only spreading the wealth. Just waiting for Biden’s major crisis, that’s all.

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