Silicon Valley backs Obama – big time

“If dollars translate into votes then tech’s top companies are squarely behind Barack Obama, by a better than 5 to 1 margin if you believe the Center for Responsive Politics and its latest stats on the issue,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

“The group put together donation records for some of the top companies in Silicon Valley and the numbers are striking. Overall, Obama outraised John McCain $1,434,719 to $267,041. Google was Obama’s single biggest corporate donor, racking up $485,961 in donations, compared to only $20,600 for John McCain,” Goldman reports.

“As for McCain’s biggest corporate donor? That’d be Cisco Systems, where CEO John Chambers is a vocal supporter of McCain as a co-chairman of his campaign. Employees there forked over $80,676 to McCain. But those donations still didn’t measure up to the $149,078 Cisco employees also sent Obama’s way,” Goldman reports.

“Other notables? Apple Inc. workers donated $98,023 for Obama and $16,950 for McCain; Hewlett-Packard employees raised $148,057 for Obama, and $15,750 for McCain,” Goldman reports.

“Important to note: The Center for Responsive Politics says some contributors didn’t identify their employer so all of this might not represent every donation. Also important: McCain’s fundraising was limited because he accepted public-financing while Obama did not, so that might skew the numbers in Obama’s favor as well,” Goldman reports.

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  1. Seeing that it’s not the President who makes laws, changes laws, raises taxes, etc. and our congress has an approval rating way under the president’s, people should be less worried about who becomes president and more concerned with who is going back to DC to rep us.
    When the tax cuts expire, and they will, anyone making a house hold income of $154k will see nearly a 4% raise in their taxes…and that doesn’t include the additional amount Obama is trying to talk us into. Maybe we will have some good congressmen who will stand up the the president’s ideas….

  2. almux, you are an idiot. Go review history. 9/11 was not Bush’s fault. It was the whole government’s fault, including Clinton, including the 1st Bush, and even R.R.

    It is amazing how people forget things. If you asked people on 9/10/01 about the idea of people flying planes into buildings, you’d have been locked up. It just wasn’t a possibility.

    Stop drinking your far left (or right) Kool-Aid.

  3. What a sweet little “concern troll” posting from Not Ready to Fork it Over.

    You want to talk “moral character and values”? Alright, let’s try and even this out a bit by looking at some facts about John Sydney McCain III:

    1. Left his wife and children within a year of returning from Vietnam. Ross Perot said he was the most despicable person he had ever met. Ross, by the way, financially supported McCain’s abandoned family for many many years when John would not. Family values are shown in actions, not words.

    2. Keating Five. Enough said.

    3. Iraq War cheeder: John said on numerous programs, including David Letterman’s, that we needed to go to war with Iraq ASAP. I don’t care what intelligence you have access to, what secrets you claim to know, or what superior judgment you claim to have, war is not the subject of light and flippant discussion. Morally, insistent pursuit of war is an abomination. Should war be justified, its consideration should be with the gravest of seriousness and somber discussion. John “Next stop, BAGHDAD!” McCain showed no such seriousness and certainly did not seek a vetting of the intelligence that he and the Bush administration hide behind even to this day. Even worse, he refused to seek any accountability for the fraudulent claims that were used to justify the war in the first place. Where were John’s morals and ethics on those days?

    Your claims that we all must consider the morals and character of the candidates is nothing more than a poorly veiled attack on Obama. You are not interested in facts or policy or record. Instead, you seek smear, smut, and insinuation of deeds and motives that you can no more prove than the world is flat and that pigs fly.

    If, by some horrible nightmare twist of reality, Bush was running again, you’d be feeding out the same tripe in defense of Bush, your so-called admission of Bush’s short-comings gone in a poof of smoke.

    The truth is that you’d support a one-eyed, crank-addled monkey if it was running on the red ticket. Not because said monkey would be a good president, but because he was on the red ticket. That is putting party before country which is the very definition of unpatriotic and unacceptable. Washington, Adams, and Jefferson all warned and vexed about the evils of political parties. You demonstrate the worst of those fears.

  4. @StarkReality

    The U.S. is NOT at peace. We are fighting two wars — Iraq and Afganistan — plus the “War on Terror.” And no, these are not all the same thing. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their Republican cronies have nearly bankrupt this country to pay for his Iraqi folly and to line the pockets of defense contractors with American taxpayer’s money. That’s the largest redistribution of wealth this country has ever seen, and it shocks me that true conservatives don’t realize what the Republicans have actually done.

    I for one am glad to see that American voters have finally come to their senses to throw these criminals out of office. It should have happened in 2004 when the looting of the Treasury was still manageable and thousands of young American lives could have been spared.

  5. R2, John McCain is a Republican. He has a lot of views that are similar to Bush. This is true. However, his record is one that is rather good……compared to Obama. Oh wait, Obama doesn’t have much of a record. He hasn’t even finished a term yet. Ok, let’s look at Biden’s record………..yikes. Have you seen how he votes?

    I think the choices were poor this election. You have to snow job that the Democrats are pushing, which is Change. But then you have this VP who has been in the Senate longer than I have been alive, who has a spotty voting record, and who got less votes in the primary elections than Steven Colbert. It looks to be like a Bush/Cheney but Democratic version.
    Oh, and whatever happened to all that “change” that was supposed to happen when Pelosi and her people took over Congress 2 years ago. Yeah……..nothing.
    Then on the Republican side, you have John McCain who, in 2000, was really a great choice. Except now………I don’t know who he is. He isn’t the John McCain of 2000. I think he is a Cylon.

    Basically, I want a President who will finish the War in the Middle East. Finish as in leaving with a stable, free government in place. I want a President who knows that Big Government programs are doomed to fail. Like social security. I want a President who will reform my taxes. I think it is highway robbery that about a 1/4 of my income is gone to the Government. I can’t imagine that the rich have to pay even more than that. That is not fair.

    So, which person can do all that? Neither……..unless you drink Kool Aid and really believe Obama is going to come through on all the promises he has made.

  6. Amazing the blindness by so many. OH NOES OBAMA IS TEH SOCIALIST.

    Funny how quickly they forget the MASSIVE government expansion and intrusion into all our lives at the hand of the Bush Admin. Oh but it’s OK if WE do it crap doesn’t fly.

    I wonder how many people would be fine with the patriot Act if it was called the Government Intrusion and Surveillance Act? Oh but it’s OK, it’s got the word Patriot in it, so it MUST be good right?

    OH NOES ITS WELFARE. Guess what, we’ve had corporate welfare for the last 8 years. You tax dollars at work subsidizing big government. But it’s OK if YOUR GUY does it right?

  7. @Macromancer…

    Nope, I haven’t forgotten the disappointment of George W. Bush. If anything, Bush made me realize it really doesn’t matter who you vote for. These criminals will expand government to suit themselves no matter what.

    I haven’t seen an actual fiscal conservative in the White House since John Kennedy and Reagan.

  8. 9/11 was a Republican Junta.

    Kick the bums out and see if Obama can salvage what remains of the Republic, Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    We’ll ALL be paying for the Bush-neo-Con mess for decades.

  9. I’d Obama a lot easier to support if he’d just change two of his views:

    1. Get off the typical, Democrat gun-control agenda. The Constitution is pretty clear. If you don’t like it, move to have a new amendment added. Otherwise, just shut up about the “what works in Chicago might not work in Cheyenne” crap. It seems pretty obvious to me that Chicago’s gun control *ISN’T* working. Why can’t people figure out that criminals, BY DEFINITION, do not obey the law??

    2. “Spreading the wealth around” scares me witless. Wealth isn’t the issue- opportunity is. Giving tax breaks or credits to low income (or even middle class) folks isn’t going to fix anything. The fundamental problem is that some folks don’t have the opportunity to grow. Make the necessary changes so that the opportunity is there- but f*ck ’em if they decide to waste it. I’m sick and tired of people whining about this or that. You know, if you really want to make things better, it takes work. You have to put some effort into it, not just accept a government handout. Everyone should have the chance to succeed, but if you don’t take it, tough nuggies for you.

  10. @GT
    Don’t dare talk about moral character and values when Obama and Nancy Pelosi think it is “OK” and not crossing the line for people in SF to have special parades where gay men walk the streets waving their wankers.
    Meanwhile, I have to try to explain to my son why Bob is kissing Bill because they demand their public rights and are supported by Obama and Pelosi.
    God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. If Obama wins, the door to Sodom and Gomorrah is kicked open.

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