New MacBooks disable iPhone jailbreaking tool?

“It’s a given that each firmware update for the iPhone and iPod Touch will seal up exploits used by the Dev Team to ‘Pwn’ the devices, but nobody expected the new MacBooks to present a problem for would-be Jailbreakers. Users over at HowardForums and iPodTouchFans are reporting problems running the Pwnage tool on the new aluminum MacBooks, which don’t seem to be able to recognize an iPhone or iPod Touch when it is booted into DFU mode, a vital requirement for jailbreaking,” John Herrman reports for Gizmodo.

“It’s a very specific problem, too — the tool still runs, and users who have a pre-modified firmware created on another Mac or Windows machine are able to ‘restore’ their devices to a jailbroken state without any trouble. It’s the creation of modified firmware, which is the central purpose of the Pwnage tool, that has been kneecapped,” Herrman reports.

Full article, published under an “unconfirmed” label, here.


  1. Are you F’n kidding me?

    This is rediculous. Jailbreaking doesn’t hurt Apple. They don’t have to condone it, but that doesn’t mean that they should alienating their customers by rendering their devices useless!

  2. Who cares?

    So a bunch of Russians and some teenagers can’t play games with their iPhones because Apple tightened security on iTunes. So what.

    Better security on itunes is not a bad thing for anyone else. Quite the opposite.

  3. We should be grateful to these “jailbreak” folks – they’re helping to make the iPhone more secure in the long run, by helping Apple identify and plug these vulnerabilities far more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

  4. Apple has a partner here to think about. Which means under contract they have a legal obligation to At&t;. If you don’t like that Apple is being respectful of their partner, then by all means, buy another mobile device. I hear Microsoft shits all over their partners. So for all of you who don’t like how Apple is approaching business, just take your business elsewhere, Apple will replace you with 10 more iPhone users, that will turn into 5 more Mac users. If you aren’t drinking the kool aid because you don’t like the taste, by all means drink something else. Pretty simple really.

  5. How can you break something that is already broken?

    And this is a, ugh, surprise?

    So, Apple is supposed to prevent malicious attacks on the iPhone OS but people are upset when Apple shuts down one of the key vectors of mounting such an attack?


    Wah! Boohoo!

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