Apple posts QuickTime of ‘spotlight turns to notebooks’ event

Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs, COO Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Apple SVP Design and VP of worldwide sales, Phill Schiller unveil the new MacBook, MacBook Pro, updated MacBook Air, new 24-inch LED-backlit displays, and more.

Watch the Keynote Address in SD or HD (52:37) here.

Steve Jobs’ keynote is also now available for download as a self-contained movie via iTunes here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dev” for the heads up.]


  1. Are all Steve Jobs presentations called “keynotes” even through its a just a special event to media types?

    The new MacBook Air is A LOT better. Another blow for the early adopters…

    Keeping the old “White MacBook” around is just like when Apple kept the original form-factor iMac G3 around for a while when the radically new iMac G4 (with the swivel neck LCD) was released. That Mac was white too. I like the old MacBook design; I think it’s a good move to keep it around. You can even get one for close to that rumored $800 price, right now on the Apple Store’s refurb page.

  2. Geez, what a downer audience.
    Steve Jobs: “Well I got a cool video to watch, if you want to see it…”


    Steve Jobs: “Uh, okay, lets watch it.”

    Give me the MacWorld keynote. That audience was the most unresponsive group; not feedback on anything.

    Anyone else think it ended abruptly? There must have been some closing after the end of the video. And why not show the Q&A;?

  3. Early adopters aren’t the only ones that get passed by with new technology. What if you had bought a MacBook Pro or a MacBook last week?

    I like the new graphic set up in the MB Pros, with the ability to turn off the “big” GPU to save battery life. Nice touch. You don’t need that kind of power when pounding out a text doc or working on a web site.

    What I am MOST curious about is the heat dissipation. Will these new MacBooks still fry your thighs?

  4. > What if you had bought a MacBook Pro or a MacBook last week?

    If you bought it from an Apple Store, you can return it within the 14-day window for a refund.

    Besides, anyone who did not know (last week) that Apple was holding an event this week to introduce new notebooks probably does not know that new MacBooks and MacBook Pros were released. So they are perfectly happy with their MacBook purchase, since the old ones are still great Macs.

  5. Spark:
    The silence was probably due to the way the event is miked.
    At Moscone the acoustics likely give a better idea of the noise in the room, and it’s a much larger audience. While everyone was passing around the MacBook unibody pieces there was total silence while I watched audience members discussing the aluminium (that’s how it’s spelled, right Jony?)

  6. I gotta agree with Spark. Just looking at the audience, they were bored. The presentation style didn’t help. I nearly fell asleep during the State of the Mac talk. Then there was all that time waiting for the aluminum form to be passed through the crowd. It seemed like all the speakers, including Steve, were trying too hard, stating, restating, and then running a video that restated the whole talk almost verbatim.
    I think that they should have forgone the ‘keynote-ness’ and just released the video.
    And I also think it wasn’t wise to say that the success of the Mac was due to Vista’s failure. True, but I wouldn’t advertise it as such. They should state that the success of the mac is due to the value, brilliance, performance, compatibility, etc. In other words, just the Mac.

  7. The audience was just press and blogger (sorta-press). For a room full of press they were more animated then the press normally is. Big events held off campus also have Apple Employees and customers mixed in with the Press so the audiences are much rowdier crowds.

  8. anyone else feel and uneasy awkwardness when steve tried to hurry up the audience to pass the unibody around? it’s like the back row was checking it out a little longer than others, but really worth stopping the show for it?

  9. steve is slighly downplaying his role in the keynotes. clever move. bring up more of ive, schiller and the rest of the bunch to give apple a face/faces beside him thus degrading the effect that health-rumors can have on the stock-price. if the media gets to know all the other execs better, less people will think that apple will imediatly tank the day he steps down. long term would be another story though.

  10. I don’t think it was that at all. I think that he wanted to make sure that he got them all back and that folks all had a chance to look.
    But, the presentation was already running at a snails pace and he wanted to get the lights back down and get on with it.

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