Apple preps iPhone Software 2.2; Safari interface changes (updated)

“Apple has quietly begun testing iPhone Software 2.2, distributing the code among beta testers,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“The software apparently restores the capability to push email to the device in the background and better GPS-functionality, enabling more accurate reporting of speed or position while in a moving vehicle, for example,” Evans reports.

Full article with links here.

In iPhone Software 2.2, “one of the subtle changes in this update is in the Safari interface,” Milind Alvares reports for Smoking Apples.

“The interface change , while not a big one by any stretch of the imagination, is driven by the need to display that Google search field throughout the interface. They have done away with the magnifying glass and replaced it with a Google search field, in a manner similar to how it’s displayed in landscape mode. The stop/refresh button has been moved right into the address field, saving a lot of space,” Alvares reports.

Full article, with before and after images, here.

[Updated: 10:40pm EDT: Added Smoking Apples’ excerpt and link.]


  1. @ Wealthy…

    Same problem here since 2.1 install… Everything else is working great, but it does not check or e-mail when it is in standby mode or whatever the idle mode is called. A little annoying. No problems with e-mail prior to 2.1. All in all though, the other problems (for me at least) have all be addressed.

  2. 2.1 didn’t solve all the glitches. I have 7 email accounts and I change frequently from wifi to 3G and sometimes the email fetching is stuck you need to press the center button for few seconds for the fetch to stop and to start it again. Also it doesn’t fetch emails every 15 mn if my phone is not used for 2 hours. I will have to manually get my pop emails. Even MobileMe. So compared to bb it’s not there yet. Battery last 3h in intensive internet / wifi / bluetooth and phone conversation. Other than that it’s a dream phone…

  3. @loloontheair, why not forward 6 accounts to 1 remaining account?

    I do this, works a treat. Gmail, Yahoo, Work Exchange, AOL – they are all set to forward to my MobileMe account.

    One account on my iPhone, many emails. I love my iPhone!

  4. The new Safari interface is a welcome change and certainly better than before, but to say it “saves a lot of space” is not really true.

    How can merely re-arranging things in the same space, “save” space? You could argue that they have done more with the same space by putting the Google thingie in there, but then if you don’t actually *need* the Google thingie, then this is more like wasting or reducing space.

    Personally, I would like some way to remove all the bars completely. It’s almost the first thing you notice when you browse the web from an iPhone for the first time (that a good 20% of your screen height is missing due to toolbars and crap that you rarely need.) Perhaps it’s time to actually rethink the metaphor of a browser window on a device like the iPhone.

  5. I’d be happy if Cox Communications email worked with the iphone so I didn’t have to leave my mail program running on my computer and automatically forwarding all my email to my .me account.

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