Microsoft delays Windows Mobile 7 to ‘second half 2009’

“Microsoft has informed some of its partners that it has had to delay Windows Mobile 7,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

“Although Microsoft has not publicly said when to expect Windows Mobile 7, partners who had expected to have a final release in their hands by early next year have been told now that it won’t be ready until the second half of next year, sources told sister site CNET News,” Fried reports.

“The delay is a significant blow for the software maker, which has been counting on the next version of Windows Mobile to enable devices that better rival Apple’s iPhone,” Fried reports.

About “Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft has said very little publicly. Ballmer did make reference to it in a speech to enthusiasts in April,” Fried reports. “During the speech, he talked about how Windows Mobile would outsell Apple and RIM during 2008.”

Full article here.

Typical. Send out the clown to boast publicly, then fail dismally. It’s the Microsoft way.


  1. I suspect they got a bright idea and want to be sure to get it in the next release.

    The alternative, I suppose, is that they’re botching things again.

    Oh, the choices!

    MDN “physical” as in “Olivia Newton John”

  2. How is it possible that Apple”s stock would take such a hit when all their forcasts are in line with expectations and they have so much success in so many areas? All the while a crap product like Windows is isnt in the basement of valuation. Wait til 2009 when they say Q1 of 2010 should have most of the bugs out etcetera,etcetera, etcetera

  3. Apple’s stock has made a lot of money for a lot of people. They’ll sell when they need the cash. Apple’s current price does not reflect its potential future. That said, the stock market doesn’t always immediately reflect an accurate assessment of current or future company health.

    Things are uncertain. Hold on for the ride.

  4. Why bother releasing it at all?

    It’s just going to be Vista with another layer of “Touch” capabilities added to it. That will just bog down the already bogged down Windows boxes while tiring out the arms of all the poor saps that buy it and sit there poking around at their laptop monitors as if it’s some new amazing technology (in 2011).

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