Report: Apple’s iPhone 2.1 Software fixes pretty much everything

“iPhone’s 2.1 update last Friday was supposed to fix a whole dump truck-load of issues people have been having with the iPhone 3G,” Jason Chen reports for Gizmodo. “Did the 2.1 firmware do everything it promised? Oh yes.”

Chen notes positive improvements in the following areas:
• Reception
• Battery Life
• Reduced Backup Time
• Application Install
• Crashing and hanging apps
• Text messaging

Chen reports, ” Apple’s really fixed the glaring reception, crashing and backup problems everyone’s been seeing. Not only is everyone getting more bars than they were before, they’re getting actual results… Apple has finally put most of the iPhone 3G launch problems behind it.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Eugenio” for the heads up.]


  1. Off topic: Man, I’ll never understand the stock market. If I’m an investor, I think Apple is the last stock I sell. Yet, just like all the others it’s dropping to levels I thought it’d never see again.

    If I sold my Apple stock today, I’d break even. If I had balls, I’d be buying up a bunch more at today’s price. But with this market, I’d probably lose my ass somehow.

    How the hell did we get here?

  2. seems to be ok on my end, the battery life was utterly horrible for me before, “seems” to be better so far…

    what they really need to add are easily accessible bluetooth, 3G and wifi on and off buttons…that would go miles towards battery power

    delving that deep to turn those 3 on and off is a pain in the rear

  3. To Mike:

    To properly test things like application crashing, battery life, or signal strength, you need a few days, wouldn’t you agree? A few charge/discharge cycles cannot be completed in a single day; most people don’t get around much in a single day in order to test the reception.

    As for the off-topic question, there should be a recovery shortly. Apple is entering its best quarter ever, which even the worst of financial crisis cannot spoil. In a few weeks, they’ll report record numbers (yet again). They might even guide higher than the Street estimates, especially if the Street expects dramatic slowdown.

    However, I wouldn’t begin to rejoice just yet; the crisis isn’t over yet, and many believe there are more Lehmans (or Merrils) to go broke before this is all over.

  4. just because 1 person wrote it, it becomes a fact? i’ve been mac user since ’85 and this is the first product i would not recommend to my friends. my battery life is still inadequate. with listening to music and talking about 2 hours or less, total of less of 4 hours or so, i have to charge the phone. this never happened with the previous iphone. apple genius’ suggestion, turn off the 3g! tried that and battery life is about the same. i don’t care whether apple genius said my battery passed the test, i’m taking it back again next week until they replace my allegedly adequate battery. this just isn’t mine either, 4 of my friends who own iphone 3g says the same thing. what are your battery life like even after updating software 2.1? this

  5. I’ve noticed vastly improved battery life. Before that my iPhone 3g would be running 5%-10% battery by the end of the day. I had Push-on, 3G-on, WiFi-on, did some browsing, e-mail, calls etc. Now with the new update I have around 50% left at the end of the day with roughly the same usage. I downloaded the update on the same day it was released so with few days with 2.1 I can confidently say that now I am not worrying of running out of my battery during the day.

    I’ve also noticed that lag in Contacts application has been reduced. Now I can start browsing my 150 contacts after 1 to two seconds and scrolling is fluid instead of the choppy 2.0.2 experience.

    Synching, back-ups finally are where they should be and I don’t have to wait any more. I am finally fully satisfied with my phone.

  6. 2.1 fixed the bugs with the 3G phone, but to those of us using the vintage iPhone the upgrade did nothing. Reception remains poor as is battery life. In fact, I would say this upgrade is worse because now voices are garbled. Come on Apple, where is our bug fix upgrade?

  7. @ Not think so,

    Maybe those Apple genius’ are having trouble understanding. I would suggest that you speak in your native tongue. If you are speaking in english as poorly as you write, then I can understand why your problem isn’t getting solved. Don’t take out your anger on a language, it just is not fair.

  8. I still have two problems:
    1 – App store updates always tell me to go back to iTunes and don’t download. When I go back to iTunes nothing happens.

    2 – Backspace key can run away, deleting everything until I touch a key.

  9. Well, I won’t say it fixes quite everything. I still have significant issues with dropped calls. Then again, that is probably more of an AT&T;network issue than an iPhone issue. I’m not sure.

    I would say this also: Many people with whom I speak via the iPhone say it sounds hollow. The call quality is not terribly impressive. Interestingly enough, the first generation iPhone did not generate that kind of response.

    Finally, connecting to the Bluetooth speakerphone system built into my car is easy, but the quality is really bad. I would say the Bluetooth system is the problem, except it works flawlessly, without diminished quality, with my work issued Blackberry Curve. With the iPhone there is a horrible ringing (and sometimes feedback) that gives a headache.

    I have a love/hate relationship with this device. As a dedicated Mac user, I enjoy the wireless synchronization with MobileMe. It is a fabulous music/video player. The net experience is second to none. It’s failure is the “phone” in the iPhone.

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