Microsoft’s 2nd attempt: Gates+Seinfeld ‘New Family’ – long version (with video)

Uh, here’s Microsoft second Seinfeld video hoping to go viral or whatever…

Gates+Seinfeld ‘New Family’ – long version:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Will-i-am” for the heads up.]

Good Jobs not in heaven!

Okay, so mildly to semi-amusing in spots and yet, still, amazingly, we feel no burning desire, in fact, no desire at all, to dump our superior Macs for crappy low-margin PCs running a bloated, frustrating, upside-down and backwards fake Mac OS called Windows. Call us crazy if you will. The complete lack of rigid churros didn’t help (that’s what the girl said at the picnic). But, it didn’t hurt, either (that’s what the guy said at the picnic).

That said, by all means, Microsoft, keep right on wasting millions of dollars and shooting tons of video and buying time/impressions. Don’t bother trying to make your products better; spend more on marketing instead.

By the way, how much time is Gates spending on this uncool fiasco? Isn’t he supposed to be out papering the world with his ill-gotten gains in a vain attempt to buy his way into heaven?


  1. Can’t help it, I laughed. I still enjoy Seinfeld reruns and anytime Bill Gates can laugh at himself. But what this has to do with improving M$’s image or making anyone desire their products, who, on this great Earth, can say?

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