Microsoft’s 2nd attempt: Gates+Seinfeld ‘New Family’ – long version (with video)

Uh, here’s Microsoft second Seinfeld video hoping to go viral or whatever…

Gates+Seinfeld ‘New Family’ – long version:

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Will-i-am” for the heads up.]

Good Jobs not in heaven!

Okay, so mildly to semi-amusing in spots and yet, still, amazingly, we feel no burning desire, in fact, no desire at all, to dump our superior Macs for crappy low-margin PCs running a bloated, frustrating, upside-down and backwards fake Mac OS called Windows. Call us crazy if you will. The complete lack of rigid churros didn’t help (that’s what the girl said at the picnic). But, it didn’t hurt, either (that’s what the guy said at the picnic).

That said, by all means, Microsoft, keep right on wasting millions of dollars and shooting tons of video and buying time/impressions. Don’t bother trying to make your products better; spend more on marketing instead.

By the way, how much time is Gates spending on this uncool fiasco? Isn’t he supposed to be out papering the world with his ill-gotten gains in a vain attempt to buy his way into heaven?


  1. Hmmm, well it was better than the last ad…. But WHAT THE HELL does it say about WINDOWS??? I mean this really seemed like a trailer for a new Seinfeld and Gates “buddy” movie.

    Seriously, this is NOT going to sell windows boxes. Who couldn’t see that?!

  2. Still has the homoerotic overtones; now they’re rooming together, still bending the shoe, probably showering together. This isn’t going to appeal to mainstream America. Blech! Will have to wait for MDN to post another followup article to the kinky one regarding the 1st ad.

  3. Bill & Jerry are just like Microsoft& Windows:
    Out of touch with the average person
    No idea what stuff is valued at
    Take your work from you, leaving you nothing
    Aimlessly wandering to nowhere

  4. well, thats it. I’m sold. I have a macbook pro, powerbook g4, iMac g4, Airport w/ Wireless N, AppleTV, a red iPod nano, 2 iPhones and a mac color classic. I will be putting everything on craigsist immediately to fund my Vista purchase. I can’t believe i’ve been a fool for so long. Thank jeebus they made these commercials!

    Now where’s my dust-off… it makes me feel like i’m walking on sunshine!

  5. I agree with “not a total waste of time.” But darn close. I just don’t see the purpose. Gates isn’t even actively working with M$ anymore and hasn’t been for a while. So why spend time and money trying to humanize the multi-billionaire? What does that do for M$?

    After you watch these videos, its disbelief followed by confusion (or the reverse the other way ’round).

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