RUMOR: China Mobile to subsidize Apple iPhone

“China Mobile and Apple have decided to rely upon handset subsidies to bring Apple’s iPhone to China, reports China Communications quoting an insider close to China Mobile,” Cherry Zhang reports for JLM Pacific Epoch.

“The would-be mobile partners are nearing the end of talks that aim to avoid passing on the relatively high price of iPhones to Chinese consumers by having Mobile subsidize the phones, said the insider,” Zhang reports.

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chung” for the heads up.]


  1. @ApplePi

    And those ‘many scholars” could be absolutely wrong, too (consensus is just a less blatant way of saying clique). It’s absolutely absurd to authoritatively state what happened many thousands of years ago – since no one really kept records (or certainly, that have survived).

    There is an appeal though, to being an paleontologist, since you can literally make it up as you go, and no one is in a position to refute you!

    For instance, I believe the T-Rex was most definitely a hunter killer, because lumping it with crows and scavengers is just so way uncool, hmm?

    For all we know, China’s civilization is 10,000 years old, but we know records largely began around those 5,000. The Chinese bureaucracy loved keeping a record of all the minutiae of their lives and that of the particular historical period so we know a good deal of the progress of civilization over there.

    They have imperial records stretching back some 5,000 years in the Forbidden City’s Grand Library today, although they are mostly bathed in liquid nitrogen for safekeeping.

  2. @all the Juices,
    I was born in China, not that that gives my opinion any more credibility than any other. I think OJ is overreacting to Dan’s comment, which was meant to be a little facetious.

    As for the world not having a clue about China, in fact, it’s very likely that China has no clue about China’s 5000 year old history, thanks to the Cultural Revolution. China didn’t spend 40+ Billion promoting its cultural history, it spent a few million on staging a brief sanitized history during the opening ceremony. The vast majority of funds were spent on stadia, and sports schools and the like.

    The problems there are NOT the same as here. In China there are 800 million peasants/farmers, that are undereducated who have benefited little from the vast development in cities like Shanghai and Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

    Sure, it’s okay to carry one bible and one computer, but try carrying a suitcase of bibles, and try connecting to a “blog” or try searching for Tibet, or Dalai Lama, or Falun Gong, etc. Good luck.

    As for gymnastics, in what “areas” did the chinese kick Nastia and Shawn’s butt? In the all-around? In the vault where the chinese girl fell to her knees, not even completing the revolution and yet scoring higher than Sacramone? If you watch video of Nastia and Shawn when they were two years younger, you’d know that being younger and smaller is a physical advantage over being older and larger.

    Comparing the chinese criminal justice system to the one here is a joke. Lawyers are intimidated. People have few civil liberties. The media is told to what to write and say.

    I love China, the land where I was born, but to say it’s the same as here, is an utter joke.

  3. blue, it’s the new red!

    yeah, you now a lot about Chine OJ… NOT!
    and if and when you pray, do so in private, OK?

    there’s nothing subtle about traveling to Chine to proselytize and whine about abortion.

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