Juice Pack for iPod touch just as sweet as Juice Pack for iPhone

“It’s been a good summer for iPod touch owners. First Apple included the touch right from the start of all the iTunes App Store fun and now our favorite external battery pack comes in a touch flavor,” Tom Rose reports for The Boston Herald.

“mophie’s Juice Pack for iPod touch ($99.95) began shipping last week, bringing its familiar form-fitting design to a new group of gadget consumers. There are a few minor alterations from the original Juice Pack (A-) for the first generation iPhone, but the results are the same: extended battery life in a good-looking, well-designed package,” Rose reports.

“The pack comes more than 75-percent charged and after 20 minutes of additional charging lit up all four blue LED indicator lights on the back of the unit, it was able to match the performance numbers claimed by mophie: up to 30 hours of additional audio playback and 7 hours of video playback,” Rose reports. “For those with a 2nd generation iPhone [3G], the wait should not be long. Mophie is taking pre-orders with an expected shipping date of late September.”

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  1. Of course, I know that the electricity in the car isnt really ‘free’, but it is generated when the engine is running, and the small amount that would be diverted to a USB charger would not impact gas consumption in any meaningful way.
    Maybe 0.01c every hour of running?

    It would take over 10,000 hours, or 500,000 miles at 0.50c to make the Juice pack more economical.

    I’ll go with the USB in the car.

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