RUMOR: China Mobile to subsidize Apple iPhone

“China Mobile and Apple have decided to rely upon handset subsidies to bring Apple’s iPhone to China, reports China Communications quoting an insider close to China Mobile,” Cherry Zhang reports for JLM Pacific Epoch.

“The would-be mobile partners are nearing the end of talks that aim to avoid passing on the relatively high price of iPhones to Chinese consumers by having Mobile subsidize the phones, said the insider,” Zhang reports.

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chung” for the heads up.]


  1. @lamdj

    An easy problem to rectify, actually. Keep the manufacturing plants and jobs here . . . BUT at prices and costs competitive with those in China. Can do? Absolutely not. Americans won’t work for those wages and conditions, and politicians/labor leaders won’t cooperate to effect a New Industrial Revolution on these shores.

    The result: A complete and utter neutralization of American industry. GM anyone? Chrysler? Ford? Welcome to the future . . . and invest heavily in global equities.

  2. @coach dan(note lower case)
    Your statement is ridiculous. My wife is from China, grew up learning english, went to college, and owned more high tech devices than we dream of here in her northern Heilongjaing Province.
    You and many others are media fed about China and our USA would implode if we had 1.5 billion people. Except for Alaska, both countries have the same square miles roughly.
    Our time is based upon Jesus Christ before and after, when I have visited cities there that are 5,000 years old.
    The rest of the world has no real clue about China and China knows it…that’s why they spent 40 billion promoting it at the Olympics.
    The problems there are no different than the problems here, except they are on a larger scale due to population and space.
    On each visit I have carried a Bible and a Powerbook/Macbook thru customs and security and no one even blinked.
    You can’t preach on the streetcorner in China, but you can hold service for those who want to believe or learn about Christ as long as it is in a subtle manner.
    America would have child limitations if they had that many people per square mile, also.
    The abortion issue is a huge area of addressing there and China needs some work, but not any more than America where anyone can just walk in.
    I agree the Chinese gymnasts were probably underage, but in many areas they kicked Nasty and Shawn’s butts despite their age.
    Force is not used any more than it is here, except punishment there is quick and exemplifying instead of our death row jail appeal for a lifetime overcrowded system.

  3. Yeah, like, did anyone understand my Alaska comment?

    I was just throwing a curve ball in hopes that we could get political for once ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />


  4. @Randian

    I totally agree with your take. I just wonder, if we keep on this path of “capitalism at any cost”, what will happen to America and the middle class, and jobs.

    I realize we have to compete with labor costs of countries like China, but to what end?

    Can Americans work at lower wages? Can Americans sacrifice some things in order to keep jobs here?

    I dunno. We’ve become pretty comfortable with our wages, and China wants a to put big screen in every home.

  5. @orange Juice

    You OBVIOUSLY don’t understand the significance of age and ability in gymnastics. If you did, you wouldn’t have said what you did, about kick butt, and by the way they didn’t really… “Nastia and Shawn got the Gold and Silver… did you watch the same Olympics as the rest of us?… You must be thinking about the Men’s performance… you know, the one which the top 2 USA gymnasts didn’t compete due to injuries.

    You make comparisons that help make your case, but where sports are concerned, you can’t win. While China funds their sports programs with untold millions (“Project 119”) and pulls from a population 5X larger, yet US athletes perform incredibly outstanding.

    You comments about “Nasty and Shawn” were uncalled for, unfounded and untrue.

    By the way, my wife is Chinese too (the born there kind), and I’m American born, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

    My apologies to this thread, I know this isn’t relevant, but I just felt I needed to set the record straight.

    GO USA!

  6. @orange juice

    BTW… let me correct you…
    “I agree the Chinese gymnasts were probably underage, but in many areas they kicked Nasty and Shawn’s butts despite their age. “

    It should read “because of their age”. If you understand the difference, then you’ll understand the significance.

    Know and understand what you speak of before you say anything unkind of others.

  7. @OJ

    Good post. Except that Chinese history is probably not 5,000 years old. Many scholars put a conservative estimate closer to 2,500 -3,000 years. In addition, there is no convincing physical evidence of a 5,000 year history.

    It’s just a number that has been said so much that people are starting to accept it as fact. But saying something 5,000 times doesn’t make it any more true.

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