The world’s most advanced Mac keyboard?

“The first thing I’ll say about the Logitech diNovo Edge Bluetooth keyboard is that it’s very likely the most aesthetically stunning keyboard that’s ever been made for Mac computers, with its high-gloss, piano black, semi-translucent plexiglass finish accented by a brushed aluminum palm rest, all imparting an aura of posh elegance. It looks even better first-hand than it does in pictures, and it’s mighty impressive in pictures,” Charles W. Moore writes for Applelinks.

“IMHO, the diNovo Edge makes the Apple BlueTooth keyboard look like a wallflower to its belle-of-the-ball, the aluminum unit a bit stark and kind of gimmicky with its anorexic thinness by comparison. The Logitech ‘board is slim as well, but still with enough meat in its section to have just about the right amount of key travel and conventional, slightly contoured keys,” Moore writes.

“As you may have deduced by now, I’m pretty smitten with the Logitech diNovo Edge Bluetooth keyboard. The main downside is its price, listing at $159.99 for the Mac version, which is happily 20 bucks less than the Windows version, thanks presumably to not having to include a USB receiver dongle with the Mac unit. Let’s see; you could get five Kensington SlimTypes for that and have change left. However, all that high-end goodness does cost money,” Moore writes.

Read the comprehensive full review (with photos) here.


  1. Would look fine in one of those sci-fi series on TV, but I prefer the ‘stark’ and ‘thin’ mac one I have. No need for all that extra wrist rest stuff if it’s thin. Also black is very 90’s.

  2. Where’s the damn 10-Key keypad. I don’t like this dumbing down of keyboards. If they don’t want to make the 10-key part of the QWERTY, they should at least produce a standalone matching product.

  3. I read that 7% of the normal/common population is left-handed, but that 20% of artists are left-handed. Many artists use Macs. So why are Mac things generally right-handed? I just happen to be a left-handed artist, coping for 70 odd years in a right-handed world.

    Yeah, I know I’m odd. Better to be odd than common. I still type with two fingers, (sometimes on the same key).

  4. The point for Apple’s thin keyboard is that it paves the way for the touch surface keyboard that’s on the way. And before you all pile on, yes I know that it is an entire touch device not just for keyboarding.

  5. @ron,
    You sound like my left-handed suffering artist wife. What I want to know why there are so many hair care products when I’m bald. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  6. It’s also HUGE! That thing looks like it takes up more than twice the desk space of my current  (aluminum) bluetooth keyboard.

    No thank you. Why do all keyboard manufacturers (except Apple) produce such behemoths?

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