Analysts estimate Apple will sell 3 million Macs, 5 million iPhone 3G units this quarter

“As we approach the end of Apple’s fourth quarter and fiscal year (September 30), analysts are predicting record Mac and iPhone sales that significantly exceed previous Wall Street estimates. The current consensus is that Apple could sell 5 million iPhone 3Gs and 3 million Macs marks during the quarter,” Wolfgang Gruener reports for TG Daily.

“The company has grown from a niche player into what seems to be an unstoppable gorilla. Industry-giants like Microsoft now consider Apple as one of its key rivals, trying to figure out how to compete with Apple’s unique vertical product integration. Apple’s portfolio is probably the most leveled and balanced in the industry, while its above-$1000 target market and 30% or higher profit margins are the envy of its competitors,” Gruener reports.

“The latest market data from IDC and Gartner rank Apple as the third-largest computer vendor in the U.S., following HP and Dell. On Wall Street, Apple’s market cap is close to Google’s market cap,” Gruener reports.

“Student Monitor polled 1200 participants and found that 84% full-time four-year undergraduates in the U.S. plan to buy a notebook in the next 12 months – 43% are aiming for a Mac, nearly twice the value of Apple’s closet competition (Dell: 22%, Sony: 8%, HP: 6%, Gateway: 3%),” Gruener reports.

“The iPhone 3G is exceeding Wall Street expectations by an even larger margin than the Mac… Assuming that the iPhone browser share growth trend continues to rise, analyst Andy Hargreaves increased his previous estimate of 3.5 million units by an additional 1.5 million units. ‘iPhone’s share of Internet browsing is now four times that of Windows Mobile and nearly 40% of Linux’ share,’ Hargreaves said. ‘Over the long term, we expect iPhone’s advantages to drive strong hardware revenue growth, while providing new opportunities to monetize the user base through value-added services,'” Gruener reports.

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  1. Did anyone see that dude fling his body forward into a dive in order to get the bronze in the 400 meters last night. Man, that guy is my new hero and Apple should endorse him for giving his absolute everything. Curad should endorse him for his abrasions. Costas should have jumped all over that and NBC wouldn’t touch it. That was the event of the games. What an effort!!! Yes, I’m on the wrong forum.

  2. RIM has like 10 different BlackBerries scattered all over the world including the ultra-cheap Pearl and Apple will have sold as many of the lone iPhone 3G as they did for the quarter. And there’s no CDMA iPhone. No iPhone in China or Russia. It’s amazing.

    Imagine what happens with an expanded lineup? Imagine the, as MDN loves to call it, bloodbath when we’re firmly established all over the globe like the rest of them.

    Very soon the iPhone installed base will exceed that of the BlackBerry subscriber base. Who knew we could say such a thing only a year and a half after Steve Jobs pulled that touchscreen doohickey out of his pocket on January 9, 2007?

  3. @R2
    “Imagine what happens with an expanded lineup? Imagine the, as MDN loves to call it, bloodbath when we’re firmly established all over the globe like the rest of them.”

    What do you mean by “we’re”, you mean Apple right?

  4. “We’re” as in iPhone users such as myself. The installed base I mentioned earlier that breeds more iPhone purchases.

    The first guy who responded isn’t me but that’s what I get for not logging in.

  5. And it was only my daddy who ever loved me TOO much, and not in an appropriate way.

    But that made me the man I am today. Fake R2 you’re bringing up bad memories for me. Please Apple release a new product soon!

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