Turkcell to sell Apple iPhone 3G in Turkey

Turkcell, in an e-mailed statement to customers today, said Monday it will bring Apple’s revolutionary iPhone 3G to Turkey later this year.

Turkcell is the leading wireless provider in Turkey with 35.4 million customers.

The company did not offer a specific date or price for the Turkish launch, but said that the iPhone will be available to customers of both its prepaid plans and recurring subscription services.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Martin” for the heads up.]


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  2. This is a first step for me. I always dream of the day when I can video chat with my girlfriend (she lives in Istanbul, Turkey) a la Dick Tracy with an iPhone. Obviously, it would be so much better if she were here, but…..when is an iPhone with a camera in the front for video chatting coming? I wonder if the stumbling block is actually a more potent battery, more than a camera behind the front panel…technology which I think already exists for the iPhone.

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