Gartner: Apple iPhone ready for business users – with few caveats

“Apple Inc.’s iPhone 3G is ready to serve business customers as an alternative to the BlackBerry e-mail phone, so long as users are willing to compromise on security and battery life, Gartner Inc. said,” Connie Guglielmo reports for Bloomberg.

“Software released last month adds support for Microsoft Corp.’s Exchange corporate e-mail system and offers the ability to erase data if the device is lost, making Apple’s handset ‘acceptable’ for business use, analyst Ken Dulaney said in a report released today by Gartner, a research firm,” Guglielmo reports.

“With the new iPhone 2.0 software, released when Apple began selling a faster version of the phone on July 11, business users have access to a device with the ‘most readable e-mail” and an excellent Web browser, Dulaney said in Stamford, Connecticut- based Gartner’s report,” Guglielmo reports.

“Still, there are inconveniences. The device offers less than a full day of battery use and an insufficient amount of security to run a company’s custom programs, Dulaney said,” Guglielmo reports.

Full article here.

Battery: Equip your employees with external battery packs, many of which also double as protective cases. For example: mophie ‘Juice Pack for iPhone 3G’ can more than double iPhone 3G’s usage time – August 05, 2008. There are many other and even more on the way; bulk pricing will surely be available.

Also of interest: PC World Test: Apple iPhone 3G battery life beats out Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Palm 3G handsets – July 14, 2008.

As for “security,” we have but one question, does Gartner recommend that businesses not buy Windows PCs dues to security concerns, too? For one example, out of at least a million examples: Russian gang hijacks as many as 100,000 Windows PCs computers across the Internet using Microsoft administrative tools; gang members grab info, bank balances, etc. without having to log in to stolen accounts.

In other words, Gartner, Schmartner. You know you want iPhones for your business, so go get your iPhones before your competitors beat you to them.


  1. I must agree on the battery issue. It’s pretty scary how fast the phone’s battery drops, especially when it’s doing _nothing_ but sitting in my pocket! I don’t mind if it drains when I’m using it, but when it’s in my pocket, it needs to have a super low power mode to keep that little battery ticking away.

    All that push stuff and 3G must be a killer!

  2. Security concerns have nothing to do with the OS, security as in SECURING the device via data encryption, locking down of whatever a company might not want users to use. Security of archive logging of SMS messages. Security of reporting of Iphone etc.

    Frankly the battery life isn’t even a concern as it’s pretty much the same as Windows Mobile using ActiveSync (god awful), Microsoft ActiveSync is a battery pig, so if you don’t need “push” email then turn it off and you’ll get a huge battery savings, also turn off the wifi and turn down the screen brightness.

    Ken is a good guy and has a good pulse of mobility (for business) Gartner is still one of the leading firms many companies look to for advise, I doubt Iphone is in the magic quadarant yet .. due to everything it’s lack SECURITY wise.

  3. “MacDailyNews Take: Battery: Equip your employees with external battery packs many of which also double as protective cases. For example: mophie ‘Juice Pack for iPhone 3G’ can more than double iPhone 3G’s usage time – August 05, 2008. There are many other and even more on the way; bulk pricing will surely be available.”

    Bulks up the size also.

  4. We posted a note on our Intranet that we were allowing iPhone support for Exchange with supervisor approval on Monday. In two days we have well over 50 that have already been approved and many more on the way… not bad for a company of 1000 people.

    Funny thing is most are returning company paid for blackberries to use personal phones…

  5. @Peter

    Clearly, you don’t have the resources or sophistication to afford an iPhone, so please DO NOT purchase one. Stay with WinMob and its cheap coterie of knockoffs, and you’ll be happier than a pig in slop.

    Another high school dropout WinTroll bites the dust.

  6. When Apple finally comes out with a phone that is not tied to any company that had to be granted immunity from lawsuits related to eavesdropping, then and only then will it become worth it! Until then there are enough people that don’t want all the data packages, bells and whistles that can be distracting. The “see look what I have” iPhone is not enticing enough when you factor in the compromise it takes to own one.

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