Analyst expects Apple ‘special event’ this September to launch new iPod and MacBook lines

“Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster believes it’s only a matter of time before Apple reveals plans to hold a special event next month to usher in a new array of iPods and Mac notebooks,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“The Cupertino-based company has used a September gathering to launch new iPods for the past three years, Munster advised clients in a research report Wednesday, adding that Apple shares have risen about 4 percent on average from the week before those events to the week after,” Marsal reports. “Historically, shares have risen more than 47 percent between the week before those events to the four months after, he said.”

Marsal reports, “At this year’s event, Munster is expecting Apple to refresh its iPod family through a number of ‘pricing and capacity changes.’ …Sharing the stage with new iPods will be a complete overhaul of the company’s mainstream notebook families, Munster believes.”

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  1. Ooooouuu….. I would have never thought the Cupertino based company would be bringing out new products any time soon. Or refresh its iPod or MacBook line….

    We must be very thankful for these analysts.

    Your Potential. Our Passion.®

  2. It’s Zune Tang’s brother – Zune Tang Lite (2000 Home Pro Ultimate Edition v4.5) – apparently. You should also be able to tell by the ridiculous number of stickers all over him, especially the holographic ‘XP Certified’ stickier on his forehead, too.

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    I wonder if Apple will debut a MultiTouch iMac, at this event?

  3. Apple products transition is about multi-touch at affordable price points. So expect:

    1) Multi-touch keyboard to go with every Apple desktops
    2) New laptop line… all of them shaped as Macbook Air and
    3) The Macbook Touch… same features as MBA + Touch keyboard
    4) Refreshed iPod line… with multi-touch all over, virtual click wheel (except for the shuffle)

  4. I know what it’s going to be. Apple no longer needs to focus on the iPods or MacBooks since they have something special in the making. That September event will be the launch of the iTele. Finally, a true teleportation system for the masses.

  5. Apple LISTEN UP!!!

    If you offer glossy only screen option instead of a choice of either matte or glossy, you can kiss my (and a lot of professional computer users) a$$ GOODBYE!!

    Glossy screens are a gimmick to draw the ignorant buyers into a impulsive buy, but the majority of us SEASONED USERS WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD USING A GLOSSY SCREEN.

    Don’t believe me? Google “matte vs glossy screens” and read the results of all the online polls yourself. Matte screens are OVERWHELMINGLY PREFERED OVER GLOSSY!!

    I have said my piece, hope Apple listens because I have not purchased a Mac for any friends or family because there are only glossy options.

    Please listen Apple. From a MacHead from the 512k days.

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