Yankee Group: Business Mac acceptance and adoption highest since the late 1980s

“Don’t look now but Apple Mac hardware and the accompanying OS X 10.x operating system software are gaining significant momentum among corporate users,” Yankee Group analyst Laura DiDio reports.

“A new, independent Yankee Group web-based survey of 750 global IT administrators and C-level executives found that nearly four out of five businesses–approximately 80%–have Macs and the OS X operating system installed in their networks. And although the Apple Mac hardware and OS X operating systems still represent a small niche, adoption and acceptance of Mac hardware and operating system software are growing at a steady and sustained pace not seen since the late 1980s,” DiDio reports.

“The responses to the Yankee Group 2008-2009 Apple Mac and OS X 10 Corporate Enterprise Deployment and Usage Survey indicate the use of Apple products in a corporate environment is much more pervasive and complex than previously thought. Nearly one-quarter, or close to 25%, of the survey respondents have a significant number–greater than 30 or 50–of Apple Macs and OS X 10.x OS software present in their corporate networks,” DiDio reports.

“Fueling the growing acceptance and adoption of Mac hardware and OS software are the leading-edge and sophisticated Safari web browser, iChat, an enhanced version of the FileVault security facility that provides disk encryption to protect data stored on PCs and laptops in the event the machine is stolen, the Time Machine embedded backup capability that can restore deleted files, and a much faster search engine,” DiDio reports.

“The latest version of the Mac OS X 10.x operating system also incorporates a slew of new Anywhere Applications features, such as embedded virtualization capabilities and the Back to My Mac feature that makes it easy for remote or traveling users to use the internet to remotely access files on their home computer,” DiDio reports.

Full report (available only to Yankee Group clients) here.

[Attribution: 9 to 5 Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chuckles the Microsoft CEO” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple is stronger today because it did fire Jobs and suffered in his absence and he created NeXT. It gave Jobs a chance to mature, and gave him more credibility with Apple when he returned, giving him more freedom to do as he saw fit.

    Plus Apple is running the OS that Jobs created when he left Apple.

  2. If adversity doesn’t kill you, it makes you much, much better as Apple and Jobs continue to prove.

    And as noted by Twilightmoon, how ironic is it that, while Jobs was in exile at Next, he created the foundation of OS X which is the magic potion that makes Apple products so good today.

    The morale of the story is:

    Sometimes when life bites you in the ass, it just causes you to run faster and win the race.

  3. “Sometimes when life bites you in the ass, it just causes you to run faster and win the race.”

    Life is a 3 headed, fire breathing, flaming, silver, acid spitting robotic dog from hell with 8 inch fangs, that runs very, very fast.


    “…And as noted by Twilightmoon, how ironic is it that, while Jobs was in exile at Next, he created the foundation of OS X which is the magic potion that makes Apple products so good today….”

    How ironic it is that people, after all this time, notice that irony.

  4. @trousers and @twilightmoon:

    Do we really think Steve Jobs couldn’t have transitioned Apple to the next-generation Unix-based OS in-house if he would’ve been allowed to stay? Did he really have to go AWAY for 12 years to create that?

    I don’t buy it. Sculley f*@ked up. Apple was so far ahead of everybody by 1985 that they basically coasted off of the original Mac OS for about eight years. Sculley himself enhanced his own reputation off of it until ’93.

    The 3+ years from the time that Sculley finally left and Steve came back is when Apple really struggled and M$ made inroads on the desktop. Windoze 95 wasn’t sh*t but the “great unwashed” couldn’t see that because the Mac OS had made no REAL advancement pretty much since Steve left. There was nothing to compare it to! The Mac OS from the 80’s vs. the “NEW” Winblows 95? The public fell for it.

    Yes, Apple is now infiltrating the enterprise again but, hell, it’s 2008! The whole world has had to suffer with inferior-quality knockoff BS all this time and, I for one, don’t think it had to be.

    Just my $.02.

    Olmecmystic ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. @Olmecmystic

    I beg to differ. While most of what you say is true, Jobs getting his ass canned was the best thing for him and Apple. Getting fired a few times in your life makes you less complacent and better at seeing around corners to what is coming.

    For evidence of my argument look no further than Ballmer and Gates. Two boys who have know nothing by success and have think they are unbeatable.

  6. @84 Mac Guy:

    Well, he definitely needed some humility in his life, that’s for sure. All that Buddhism hadn’t kicked in yet, I guess.

    And good point about Ballmer and Gates. If ANYbody needs to be sh*t-canned, it’s Ballmer’s ass, only don’t tell M$ I said so. Leave him in for about 3-5 more years, when this Apple freight train will be unstoppable.

    I’ve been fired, sounds like you’ve been fired, my point was and is that history could’ve been radically different. Apple could’ve had the same market share with Macs that they have now with iPods!

    That’s all I’m sayin’.

    Olmecmystic ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

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