Motorola’s future flagship handset spied

Motorola’s future flagship handset, code-named “Alexander,” has been spied by The Boy Genius Report.

BGR reports that the handset’s OS will be Windows Mobile 6.1.

For the three readers now left reading this report, the Motorola entry is said to feature assisted GPS and a 5-8 mexapixel camera.

Release date is fourth quarter 2008, according to BGR.

More details and larger photo here.

If that’s the flagship, Moto’s fleet is sunk.


  1. It wouldn’t be bad if it was Moto’s answer to the Palm Centro. Slim, pocketable and very cheap. Unfortunately with a 5-8 megapixel camera you can tell they’ll try to market it as a somewhat expensive, top-of-the-line device and that’s where it will fail.

    Of course any comparisons to the iPhone will hurt it that much more. I personally would rather buy an old, beat up 1stGen iPhone with a cracked screen off eBay than the Moto “Alexander.”

  2. I dunno. Its kinda ok looking. Yes, it does seem to be a genetic cross between an iphone and a blackberry. Its sorta creepy like they threw an iphone and a blackberry into a primitive telepod from the fly movies and integrated them as they were transported into another telepod. I can picture the phones screaming in horror as they operator threw the switch. =/

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