Sony Ericsson to axe 2,000 jobs

“Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson has said it will shed 2,000 jobs worldwide over the coming year to cut costs,” BBC News reports.

“The news came as Sony Ericsson reported an operating loss of 2m euros ($3.1m; £1.59m) for the second quarter, against a profit of 315m euros a year ago,” The Beeb reports. “Sony Ericsson said it was aiming to cut operating costs by £300m a year.”

The Beeb reports, “In June, the company had warned its profits would be less than previously forecast as demand for expensive handsets waned.”

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, quite the headscratcher; wonder where that demand went?

Full article here.


  1. You are pathetic..there are only a few million sold iPhones overall thusfar (to the end of (Q2/2008), in contrast the market will grow with about 100-120 million phones this year.

    Motorolas and SE’s problems have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with any few-mills sold iPhones – get a life.

  2. @MDN
    How about you pay a bit more attention to the KEY sentence in the article quoted and then comment accordingly. The reference was made to top end phones, not your everyday, give away types.

    “In June, the company had warned its profits would be less than previously forecast as demand for expensive handsets waned.”

    Oh, and while you’re at it, wipe that brown ring from around your neck, it isn’t very becoming!

  3. @ @MDN

    Yes, assaulting a message board on a Friday afternoon. There’s fun some fun ALL your friends.

    See you on World of Warcraft tonight? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Oh yeah?

    Wait and see. One doesn’t have to measure the effect of a competitor’s product based on sales alone. When buyers hold back purchases for something else, something is in the wind…..and it’s probably not flatulence.

  5. The flatulence is coming out of @MDN’s mouth. Sure, Apple is but a bit player in the mobile phone market at the moment, but the iPhone is a worldwide phenomenon and it’s cachet will only grow. Sony Ericsson is merely doing the early bloodletting now, to ease the future job layoffs that will surely mount as Apple continues to refine the future of mobile computing.

  6. Ohhh – now I feel really bad – the old phone I put away in place of my new shiny beautiful slick smooth iPhone 3G was a Sony Ericsson… not really. My bro gave me that phone after he got the 1st gen iPhone. I would’ve never bought a Sony Ericsson in the first place.

  7. When you only make a few cents profit and are racing others in a race to the bottom of the barrow, Is it really a place you want to race to???? LOL ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Why do people keep putting Apple on such a high pedestal.???

    Juat a thought.


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