Photos of first Apple Retail Store in China show impressive glass and steel structure

“Ahead of the summer Olympics, Apple on Saturday will open the doors to its first retail store in China, a glass-enclosed high-profile shop situated in Beijing’s newest retail development: the Village at Sanlitun,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“Keeping with his tradition of attending Apple’s gala international retail launches, our friend Gary Allen from ifoAppleStore has made the grueling journey across the Pacific to be on hand for tomorrow’s grand opening at 10:00 a.m.,” Oliver reports.

“Allen reports that Apple’s space within the Sanlitun complex ‘is nearly invisible from the street,’ because it sits within the center’s inner courtyard. ‘But once you see it, it’s impressive — a three-story glass façade covering two visible floors, and a level covered with stainless steel,'” Oliver reports.

“A large overpass reportedly caps off the store, funneling patrons to and from other portions of the shopping center. The overpass itself is covered with stainless steel and punctuated with a back-lit Apple logo near center mass,” Oliver reports. “According to Allen, a crowd of over 110 people had queued up in an enclosed space just to the left of the store as of midnight Saturday morning local time.”

Full article with photos here.


  1. Look Apple opens up another PATHETHIC store. No one cares about Mac’s! Not like theres anything special about them. They make SHITTY computers and lies to people that they are better while they AREN’T.

  2. @Crazy Legs and Chuck U Farley….

    Simple question…

    Do you speak Chinese? (or any other furen langage for that matter)?

    Denigration of people who have made an attempt to communicate with you in a language with which they are not completely conversant is truly a sign of congenital stupidity.

    Many people in China have taken the time to learn several languages , so as to be better communicators with visitors. how many people in America do that? Or do you still think that shouting will make you better understood?

    Oh, and why is Genius Bar in English? Because it is the store design. There are brochures in English and Chinese that explain all of the areas of the store.

  3. @ MizuInOz

    Pull ya head in and stop being a dag.

    Crazy Legs and Chuck U Farley were not denigrating anyone.

    Some of the best are not always mistranslations of Asian to English, but also from French, German, Spanish amongst others including Asian to Asian and … OUR translation of Asian into English or French, German, Spanish and others.

    Whatever it’s all funny.

  4. Hey, what’s that Photoshop filter that removes sand (storm) and smog from my pictures. I have bunch of pictures taken in Beijing and they need some editing. Even the paper prints, that were developed in Beijing, leave some sand on my table.

  5. Fluent in three, conversant in another three, and considering adding Russian or German – can’t make up my mind. And yet, frankly, I’ve never heard Franchement used in the beginning of a sentence ’till today.

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