MobileMe users demand refund from Apple

“As Apple moves its .Mac customers over to the cross-platform MobileMe web suite services, further compatibility problems are surfacing. And some customers are demanding refunds for the days when the subscription service was either unavailable or beset with problems,” Lexton Snol reports for PC Advisor.

Besides some extra-dense Windows PC sufferers complaining that MobileMe Mail does not work in Internet Explorer 6 and earlier [MacDailyNews Hint: Get a real browser (not to mention, a real OS)], Snol reports that “Readers of Macworld are also demanding rebates for the days when .Mac and MobileMe services were not working or buggy.”

Snol reports, “Forum goer Martin Faint is frustrated: ‘After two days of this Apple should really offer an extension to the service of existing dotmac customers as a good will gesture. We have paid for this time.’ At the same discussion, user danutinske has clearly lost his patience with the hiccups: ‘Basically I want a refund for the nearly one week without access to my .mac account or email.'”

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At the very least, Apple should add a week to every .Mac subscriber’s term of service. An apology would be nice, too.


  1. I’ve said this before: .Mac was a ripoff, .Me is a ripoff, and these services should be free to all Mac users.

    Oh, and if possible, maybe Apple could try and make this service work once in a while.

    Anyone ever try and use iDisk?

    I tried the 2-month trial once, what a complete waste.

  2. Interestingly,

    Apple sent e-mails to all of us saying that there will be outages during this time and that all syncing should be done and completed by a certain time and so on. Why is it that some people understand and accept for future abilities it is sometimes necessary to have things not work. The one thing I have noticed since I did the complete switch to Apple products two years ago was that PC people can’t stand us and for good reason. This is a clear example. When your car goes in for service do you demand a pro-rated amount back on the lease? Apple winers must start to relax a little. It would make the world a lot nicer place to be if everyone lost the air of entitlement and got real about their place in life!

  3. Well, as frustrating as the outage was to accessing .Mac through the web, my .Mac email was never down, and to me that was more critical. Am I surprised that this happened? Not from tidal wave surge of traffic the servers were hit with. Should Apple been better prepared? Heavens yes. Should people chill? A little patience goes a long way.

    But while MobileMe was down, I upgraded my iPhone to 2.0 software, upgraded wife’s iPod Touch to 2.0 software and was doing other important things.

    It’s a new week, so let’s get back to dissing M$.

  4. The reliability of this service will be something to watch. If they don’t improve over .Mac, they risk alienating customers. It’s way to early to tell though. We need to get through the transition process.

  5. I agree with the first poster about dot Mac. In the years that I’ve had it it has been beset with problems, mainly very very very very very slow transfer bandwith up to and down from my iDisk.

    I use if for their Sync features mostly, but even that doesn’t seem to be working correctly at the moment, even with the latest updates.

  6. The Syncing was down, and that was a bummer. I couldn’t sync Wednesday till Friday. It started working again Friday. The email, I can’t say……..I don’t really use it, and it’s forwarded to my Gmail account.

    But, now that it .me is up, it works great.

  7. my .mac email never went down but nothing is pushing and my contacts and calendars aren’t syncing between my pc, iphone and mac as advertised.

    i don’t want a refund. i just want apple to acknowledge the problem and give us an idea when it will be fixed.

  8. I don’t understand this – ‘nearly one week without access’? One week? C’mon, it’s since Friday the the new site went live. I know I’m bad a math, but that feels like only three friggin’ days – grow up. And what did you not have access to? Mail on a web browser? Here’s a hint – check your Mac mail on your Mac until things calm down and the kinks are worked out.

    Oh, and all you PC complainers about not working – read the system requirements once in a while. I’m sure they state that PC users will need to use at least IE7. Better yet, just download Safari – even if you don’t migrate your bookmarks, you can have it as a ‘stand alone’ browser just for your mobileme account.

    Magic Word: Beyond
    As in: Why people need to complain about the small things and cry out for a $1.90 refund is beyond me.

  9. I agree that Apple should extend everyone’s service by 1 week.

    I find it incredible that Windows users are so adamant, in light of the fact that they let Microsoft crap on them forever and the only thing they did was open wider and bend over further.

  10. I think a week is a bit much but if will satisfy customers, so be it. We were only down two days so a week would be a good faith gesture. Not that two days didn’t seem like an eternity for some of us.

    So far as of late MobileMe is working pretty good, at least for me. Did not try it with Windows yet (a necessity given my work computer, unfortunately). But despite some delays the sync is pretty quick from iPhone to Mac, Mac to MobileMe, Mac to Mac, etc.

  11. Whilst it doesn’t bother me personally I must say that there ought to be an alternative basic interface at least for email because even some of the world’s biggest employers insist on crappy old IE6. People want to be able to access their .Mac/MobileMe email at work and now they might not be able to unless they know how to set up a workaround such as using Gmail to collect their emails.

    It’s great that they’re using modern web standards but surely it wouldn’t hurt to provide some basic access to the service for those who are stuck at work with a crap browser with no ability to upgrade.

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