Apple wins extension on sales ban of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

“Apple Inc. won a one-week extension to a ban on Samsung Electronics Co. releasing its latest tablet computer in Australia,” Joe Schneider reports for Bloomberg.

“High Court Justice Dyson Heydon extended a ban on sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Dec. 9, when the court will consider Apple’s request for permission to appeal a lower court ruling that ordered the ban lifted,” Schneider reports. “The Australian dispute is part of a battle between the companies on at least four continents that began in April, when Apple sued Samsung in the U.S. and accused it of “slavishly” copying the designs of iPhones and iPads.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

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  1. If Apple had released an up to date phone rather than a recycled design, all these lawsuits banning Samsung wouldn’t have been necessary because the tech will sell itself. But because they decided to fall asleep at the wheel and coast with a 16 month old design with a pathetic 3.5″ screen, all this legal shenanigans have been necessary to preserve market share.

    1. You want a new model every couple on months fuck off and go buy a Droid. No one is stopping you. BTW, we all know you are a troll, stop acting like you own any Apple products.

    2. The iPhone 4S defines what “up-to-date” means in terms of hardware and software functionality. The size of the display is a choice made by Apple for stated reasons. Based upon sales, many people are sufficiently satisfied with the iPhone 4S to sign up for two year contracts. Some people have advocated a 4″ or larger display. I have stated several times in this forum that I believe a 4″ display would be desirable and could be integrated in the current iPhone 4S form factor with little or no change in dimensions.

      But your attempt to somehow link Apple’s “legal shenanigans” with the the design of the iPhone 4S is indescribably ridiculous. Your absurd assertion is refuted simply by the fact that Apple’s legal activities started a long time before the iPhone 4S was released. In addition, Apple’s legal activities have as much to do with the iPad 2 (which you do not mention) as the iPhone 4S. Finally, the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 are selling by the millions and are dominant in the marketplace (especially in terms of profit) even though Apple’s legal activities have only slightly dented the sales of similar products from their competitors.

      In other words – your post is hogwash.

    3. Blah blah blah – I don’t think anyone listens to you anymore BLN

      Your views on the iphone 4s are hilarious – for the millions who own it (myself included) know just how far ahead it is. And we don’t care that it isn’t bigger to weigh us down further. The sales speak for themselves – you sir are wrong. Very wrong

    1. You have to take the bad with the good, I’ve found, to get the best from people. (Apart from the spring-loaded army of trolls lurking just out of earshot.)

      Just suppose for a moment what might have happened if, in the previous development cycle, SJ had said Enough with the IP battles–instead let’s come blasting out of the tunnel with the next great thing, leaving the competition holding the bag containing last year’s designs. Point take, BLN.

        1. I would have thought that by now you would realise that Apple doesn’t change a design just for the sake of it. That’s not Apple.
          Take the Mac Pro for example. The design is unchanged since the introduction of the G5 Power Mac. The iPod classic is unchanged for quite some time. The Time Capsule is unchanged. The MacBook Pro’s are unchanged for some time now also.
          Changing the design, just for the sake of it, dilutes and cheapens the brand.

      1. I think Apple is big enough and demonstrating they are doing both.

        The iPhone 4s is simply amazing. Design, speed, integration, camera and Siri.

        Sure imitators exist they always will. Simply changing the design or innovating like crazy won’t keep them at bay but will annoy your current customers who don’t want to update cases, cradles etc continually and want a phone that just works. Litigation is, unfortunately, needed here but is not slowing Apple down.

      2. Apple DID go to the next big thing, SIRI. It DID leave the so called competition holding the bag. No one has anything like SIRI.

        As for the external packaging that SIRI comes in….. Well, why mess with a perfectly great design? Change just for the sake of change without any tangible benefit other than a marketing blurb and a “new & improved” fluffy soundbyte is stupid, and smart customers will not fall for it.

        Droidtards on the other hand, well,……… releasing the same old boring tech in a new plastic crap case with a different color, or some other minor cosmetic detail change posing as new improved innovation…… I’ll take a proven classic beautiful design with new tech and useable awsome things on the inside thanks.

        1. But, but…they should at least have put some ’57 Chevy tail fins on it, or some flashing LEDs along the edges, or maybe added a slide out keyboard. Anything to allow BLN to get over on that plebe with an iPhone 4 as they wait for the same elevator. The way it is, nobody KNOWS that he has a better iPhone than theirs, and is therefor way cooler than they are, just by looking at his phone.

    2. You give him/her too much credit. I don’t believe I have seen a single post from him/her that’s effective at being sarcastic, intelligent, lucid, contributory or original. I find BLN to be one of those annoying forum pests that some learn to tolerate, few even appreciate (apparently “janeshepard”) and the rest to happily ignore.

      1. BLN is a recent convert to Apple and as such deserves a grace period of adjustment. Whatever happened to the welcome wagon? What about Andy Hardy’s “there’s always room for one more?” And what’s more compelling than shouldering forward like Alexander the Great, converting and absorbing infidels and apostates along the way, rolling toward total victory? Lighten up.

        1. janeshepard, I don’t know how you know BLN and for how long; but he/she has been found consistently discourteous towards many here, had personally attacked me and a few others employing foul language, resorting to childish name-callings seemingly out of the blue or whenever logic was against him etc. However, neither his colourful languages, nor his personal attacks are as irksome (many of us are grownups here) as the barrage of meaningless posts and commentaries on pretty much every thread. Persistent little troll he can be. Particularly with those failed attempts at sarcasm à la Zune Tang in the early days. Those were embarrassingly sad. I think he/she has a misplaced high-esteem regarding their own intelligence and wit, and judging from some of your posts/responses you seem to share that opinion. Good for both of you.

          I frankly don’t care whom you like or why (or your particular sense of humour that gets tickled by BLN); welcome him/her into the Apple community all you want, very gracious of you; however, maybe you want to dial down on telling others to lighten up or how to behave when insulted.

          1. Your contributions here are notable, and I apologize for my presumptuous tone. I can be wrong. In the future, I promise to make an effort to consider the individual and not just post to generate an effect. Your words carry meaning.

            1. I too would like to apologise; I think I was being a hothead in my response to you, and my tone was rather unseemly. Forgive me. On that spirit, here’s an olive branch to you too BLN, in case you’re reading this. Let’s move on with a clean slate.

            2. I think he’s got his priorities misplaced. I’ve always been absolutely courteous to those who respond courteously but of course if someone like krquet posts maliciously he can expect to get the same in return. Methinks he’s got a higher sense of his own self worth than is actually is the case. Small people are like that – when you prick them even a little they feel as if you’ve insulted them tellingly. But that just goes to show his small mindedness rather than anything else. You have to hold your head above the fray and not let these overweening fanboys get to you. Objectivity is a valuable thing to have.

              And please, there’s no need to apologise on my behalf to anyone. Take care now.

            3. I posted my comments just as krquet posted his. In the spirit of the olive branch offered, I accept and withdraw my previous comments which were made in direct response of your misplaced comments to Jane, which was unmerited in my opinion.

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